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Bloggers Are Not Writers, they are Terrible Writers

Bloggers and Writers

I was at MenWithPens reading a blog post by Taylor Lindstrom about how bad it is to write like you talk and why you shouldn’t do it. The writer has a very strong opinion, I like that, even though I don’t agree with all what she had to say, especially that I do what she don’t like, maybe because I don’t have other choice, anyways… I am going to explain it!

You see, writing is a gift, I am a blogger, I write, but I am not a writer, I do it, but not for living, I am not a pro and I don’t consider myself a gifted writer.

However, blogging looks like writing, but bloggers are not actually writers. Yes, it’s complicated!

I know it sounds crazy, that’s why I kept reading a lot about writing and blogging today, and thought to bring to you another roundup, and something good to read, so keep reading!

Not every blogger is a writer!

Here are some of my issues as a blogger (what about yours?):

All the time, I write the way I talk, even worst than that, I think with my own language, which is not English and has nothing to do with the American culture, then I try to translate my ideas into English before writing them down. That’s how I suffer, and this is what I don’t like about me. I always look forward to change that with time. It’s not about language, I don’t need to learn English, I need to learn the culture of English and American people.

It’s not easy to change your blood, and it takes time to absorb a different culture, I knew this since the beginning, I knew that I have a long way to go.

Now, back to the write the way you talk point, I really don’t believe that there is a specific way of writing, writing is a gift, every writer has her/his own way and has to find their own voice. So, it’s not really a simple thing, and it take a lot of practicing to become a better writer, and I am not a writer… I am a blogger! Well.. Maybe I am a terrible blogger!

Should I stop writing!

Oh no! I am sorry, I can not stop writing, I need to write to be able to blog!

I see that Rebecca Thorman couldn’t agree with me on that when she said: bloggers are not writers …

Many bloggers are good at marketing, building community, relationships, and especially aggrandizing self-promotion, but not writing.

It’s so clear that bloggers can do some awesome stuff  that many writers can not do, probably because they don’t have enough skills, and guess what? Adam Singer who used to write professionally as a music columnist, he felt like he never found his voice as a writer until he started blogging, probably this is why he don’t agree with Rebecca.

It’s easy to be loved as a blogger

Jaron Lanier -the author of You Are Not a Gadget– also has some interesting opinion:

Blogging is not writing. For example, it’s easy to be loved as a blogger. All you have to do is play to the crowd. Or you can flame the crowd to get attention. Nothing is wrong with either of those activities.

I think things are getting more clear to you now, there is actually a big difference between being a blogger and being a writer.

Writers will agree with writers

It’s just my conclusion, as you can see, writers will always agree with other writers, it looks like they carry something inside against bloggers, on the other side, I think bloggers don’t have a problem with writers, maybe because they are insanely busy doing their stuff! You know.. You do what you got to do baby!

I AM a blogger… writer 😉

You go and blog the way you like, and find your own success!

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