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How to Move from Bloggers Blog to WordPress Self Hosted Blog in less than 3 Minutes?

I just got this question yesterday on my post about upgrading WordPress on My Life Thinking blog “I wish I could upgrade but I am still on blogger. I wish someone would write a post about exactly what the complexities of switching from Blogger to WP. I have nightmares (not really) about losing all of my data and PR“, so I thought to answer it here as Getting the answer to a question on comments is one of the things I am going to do on Famous Bloggers blog. On this post you will learn how to move your blog from blogger to WordPress without losing your Google PageRank and RSS subscribers.

The answer: First of all you have to get your Domain name and find a good hosting service before you start with this process; choose a good domain that reflects your niche blogging. Following this steps will help you to move from Blogger to WordPress without losing any of your data, readers, blog feed subscribers or search engine rankingsGoogle PageRank.

Here is a very simple way to move from Bloggers blog to WordPress self hosted blog, WordPress has a Blogger Importer plug-in that can be accessed from your WordPress dashboard (Tools -> Import -> Blogger), the importer application allows you to import posts and comments from your Blogger account into your WordPress blog (note that it’s not going to move your photos or any videos you have uploaded, you should do that manually after moving to your new blog!), follow the instruction by telling Blogger to let WordPress access your account by clicking on the author button then Grant access button, it will return you to WordPress page again and you will see a list of your blogs on Blogger, choose the blog you want to move to WordPress. And you are done!

I have searched the internet to find some video tutorials to take you through steps and help you with this issue, video tutorials are great help because it simple show us that things are really working, so plz watch it more than one time before starting moving your blog, it’s less than 3 minutes video tutorial by labnol.

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