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Why Your Blog Attracts an Audience of Crickets and How to Fix It

I know, I know, you are sick of hearing crickets serenading you with each successive blog post. I have been there. I must have written 500 posts before anybody knew who I was. I was a stranger, a loner, and a dingbat, honestly, because I refused to follow simple steps which make successful bloggers…well…successful.

You need to mimic pros to become a pro. Look at Hesham! The guy works like a beast, and has for a long time, and now when you look at his blog, you see big time evidence of his success.

Really guys, if you want to start hearing some human chatter and stop hearing the melodic, peaceful, but oh so frustrating chorus of crickets, meeting your ears, each time you post, you need to follow simple steps, to get rid of the tumbleweeds flowing by your little piece of blogging real estate.

Write 1 to 2 Blog Posts Daily

By daily, I mean, like every day. It is 6:54 PM right now in lovely Colombo, Sri Lanka, where I am penning this post. This is my 19th article of the day. No lie. 8 articles for my blog, 10 for other ventures and this guest post.

How do I do it?

I do it. I got sick of writing every few days and hearing crickets. I got sick of writing 1 post a day and hearing crickets. I wanted an audience. So I churned out massive content, and became more prolific with each day.

When you practice a skill, the skill becomes a habit. Writing a blog post becomes like breathing to you, automatic, no need to even think about churning out the post. You pick a topic, write, and 15 minutes later another post is out there.

Join Tribes

Far and away, the biggest mistake I made as a blogger was refusing to join tribes.

I figured nobody cared about my posts, well at least nobody except the chorus of crickets which responded each time I hit the “Publish” button. Well I learned quickly that you cannot do this blogging thing on your own. Think of it this way: you can reach your 20,000 twitter followers, but 30 people automatically retweeting your latest post can help you reach 500,000 twitter followers, or more.

Of course these numbers might not all be active, but you get the drift. Leveraging. Getting a ton more traffic by helping others generate traffic.

A great secret to blogging success, heck, to any online business or offline business niche. You will grow as quickly as your network grows, and in proportion to the value you bring to the table. That is simple, that is it. You connect, you create, and good things happen.

Hyper Target Content

Ever since I started up with Adsense I became super aware of using SEO in my content, to hyper target my audience. I admit, I got a little lazy over the past few months, and even though my shares increased, I could have used a few more opt-ins. When I remained disciplined, by using niche specific keywords within each post, I attracted more readers, grew my list and made more money online through my blog.

Do not bother writing a post without niche specific keywords. You want hungry, targeted people to read your posts, so both parties prosper. You gain a loyal reader, maybe a customer, or team member, and your readers allow you to solve their problems, with your content or product or opportunity solution. Wonderful pairing, right?

The Magic Ingredient – Persistence

Guys, I do not expect you to write 19 articles a day, but heck, you need to persist, and write at least 1 article a day, every day, for weeks or months. Persistence wins. Too many bloggers give up before the crickets are replaced with the voices or hungry, eager prospects, or rabid fans. If you simply stick with it, you will succeed.

Do you attract crickets for your audience?

Or do you have a responsive, rabid crew of readers who eat up your every post?

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