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5 Ways to Effectively Promote Blog Posts

Blog Promotion

You have wrote an awesome post and it’s starting to feel that no one’s paying attention on it. No comments, no retweets on your blog posts.

Let’s face it, there’s no sense in creating a blog that only you are going to read. You need traffic, which in turn will turn into commentators, subscribers, which in turn will make your blog more successful.

If you are looking to promote your blog posts on your blog more effectively, here are 5 ways to promote your blog posts:

1. Social bookmarking sites

One of the most easiest way to get targeted traffic. It is really a great way to boost traffic, backlinks, marketing to your blog. I usually submit my blog posts to BlogEngage, Sphinn and MMOSocialNetwork.

More bookmark links of your blog posts means more popularity of your blog posts.

Here are 30+ Inspirational Social Bookmarking Sites.

PS. For Blogegnage you have to be invited to be part of the community.

2. Discussion Forums

You have to actively get involved in discussions and try to be as resourceful as possible, most of the discussion forums allow you to post links in your signature these links help you to drive visitors to your site. I usually active on Digital Point and warrior Forums.

Digital Point also allows you to put up your own blog posts as threads.

You can find forum that suits your niche on BigBoards, this site lists hundreds of forums arranged according to categories and traffic.

3. Blog commenting

It is very effective method for getting traffic to your blog posts. Commenting on related blogs is one of my favorite way to drive targeted traffic, backlinks. I usually comment on some blogs such as FamousBloggers, Problogger, Dailyblogtips and techcrunch, which are all related to my niche. The more you interact with the blogger, the more they’ll notice you.

Take the time to leave a useful comment often enough, don’t just write “nice post” or “thanks”. Keep in mind spamming will only hurt your blog.

4. Newsletter

Are you building mailing list on your blog and you’ve written a killer blog post, then include a link to it in your next newsletter. Doing this will drive traffic but also signal to your readers that it’s a Killer post that you feel deserves their attention. If you not have a mailing list, than start building it now.

5. Social media

It’s simply an incredible viral means to drive a large amount of sustainable traffic to any website over a period of time.

One of the best ways to succeed on Social media is to get really involved. It was built for genuine people who want to talk as humans and make connections.

I try to submit every article to social media websites like Twitter, Digg, Delicious.

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