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5 Free Ways To Spread Your Message On Social Media

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The life of a social post isn’t particularly long, so it’s imperative you find ways to amplify your message. Here are 5 tools to you should not be without. Simply put, they will increase the number of eyeballs to your message and to your business.

Spread Your Message using these Social Media Tools

  1. MarketMeSuite: Social Marketing Management
  2. Buffer: Social Timing
  3. LiveFyre: Social Commenting
  4. iOS5 for iPhone: Social On The Go
  5. Strawberryj.am: Social Linking

1. Social Marketing

Let’s start with the first element and the largest piece of the puzzle in the list above, MarketMeSuite. MarketMeSuite is an absolute juggernaut of a Marketing tool. It takes the best elements of your favorite management platforms, mixes in geo-targeting and pro-active marketing, and gives you one giant place to share, cross promote and organize.

Why Is This Important? You need a centralized place to monitor all of your marketing efforts, and allow your entire team to work together. MarketMeSuite provides the “ground control” every social media campaign needs.

2. Social Timing

There is a science behind posting. Knowing where your customers are, and when is the best time to tweet is really important. You can do a lot of this manually in some of the full serviced dashboards, but what about when you’re on the net, and you see something that would be great to send out to your followers?

With Buffer you can just click on the easy to install plugin and the message is queued up for a time that buffer determines is likely to have high engagement.

Why Is This Important? It’s simple, but based on some data they collected CTR on Tweets of links shared by Buffer increased by 200% after 3 weeks of regular use. (Free for up to 10 posts in your Buffer)

3. Social Commenting

If you don’t have a decent commenting plugin installed on your blog, don’t waste another second. In fact, don’t even read to the end of this post. Go right now and try LiveFyre. It’s free, and it’s taken social commenting to a new level. Users are more engaged with the story, tweeting out their comment is a breeze, and it really facilitates discussion. In one easy click you can send a message saying “You were just mentioned in this conversation…” with a link back to the blog post. It’s amplification on steroids once it gets going.

Why Is This Important? Perpetuating a conversation gives your blog post a longer life, and if you can manage to get it into the social media sphere, you can harness that inherent virality that comes with it.

4. Social On The Go

When it comes to social media on the phone, specifically Twitter, the most important thing is to be responsive. Install the lastest operating system for iPhone, iOS5 and play with the notification feature. Whenever you get a tweet, Facebook mention, or anything else you have a push notification set up for, it goes into this slide down menu.

Why Is This Important? You only have narrow window with social. Often, the chance to amplify your message is reliant on how quick you can reply and propel a message forward.

5. Social Linking

This is a relatively new concept, and Strawberryj.am is still in beta, but it’s an interesting idea. This app aggregates all the links your Twitter followers share, and tells you which links are most popular and who they are shared by.

Why Is This Important? It’s a really cool way to track the sharing power of a link you disseminate, and shows you which types of content are popular among your following.

Key Take Away:

These days you absolutely have to multitask in life and in business, and your marketing message must do the same. Using this amplification tools will help you market smarter, increase click rates, reach further, and get you the most bang for your post.

Tried any of these services? Have any tips or service you would add to the list? Please leave your comments below.

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