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5 Writer’s Blocks, Which Prevent You From Writing The Next Blog Post

How To Deal With Writing Blocks

You know that you need to write a new blog post, but you are still sitting in front of the blank computer screen and wrote almost nothing.

Without the regular practice, blogging can be stressful.

Till you get to the point when you can write clearly, better and faster you need to make writing as the habit. But it’s not easy as people say.

In fact, there are so many things, which you are worried about, that you cannot even start writing because of them.

In this post, I’ll go through the 5 writer’s blocks, which may bother you and prevent from writing.

The blog post should be big

First, let’s separate the blogs. There is your website where you are the boss, and there are other sites where you can pitch your guest post ideas.

The blogging starts most of the time from writing on your own blog. As that’s your site you can do whatever you want there.

You may worry that if it is small, nobody will read it or people will think that there is no value in it.

You think about:

And you really expect to write something good with all of this mess in your head?

It’s better to write less and hit the point than write the long article full of abstract phrases.

Seth Godin writes 200-300 words per post. That’s his style.

Don’t be afraid of writing less than you ‘suppose’ to write. Your goal is to start writing and complete the idea, which you want to share with your readers.

Believe in what you write. Find your writing voice.

Also, when you begin writing without limiting yourself to the numbers of the word, you may discover that the final post became much bigger that you expected.

Then, what if you write the guest blog post?

Often there is a guideline, which shows what they are looking for. Go through it, check the writing style of the blog, look at the popular posts there. It will help you to understand the structure of their article, so you can put it into the post, which you are going to write for them.

Many sites have the rule to have no less 700-1000 words or more. If you don’t feel comfortable to write so much, go and practice on your blog.

Or you can try to express your idea in the article with more details, or add statistic and tips.

That’s not necessary should be your data. Search on the Internet, for instance ‘blogging statistic’ and refer to the sources.

Then it will have even more authority in the reader’s eyes.

The blog post won’t be interesting for people

Do your best to write it.

There were many things already written on the web, but even if you write on the same topic as others, share your point of view. With some people, it will resonate, with some not. You no need them all. You want to attract your tribe, who will read your message and listen to your voice.

The way you show the topic may be exactly what they are looking for.

Don’t get to the perfectionism here. The blog post should be just good enough to get published.

People won’t share it, and it will be a waste of time for writing

Many people read and don’t share. They may be simply not active on social media.

Yes, the shares are always good, but it’s more about your content marketing strategy rather than your writing skill.

It takes time and a lot of effort to build a loyal audience. Also, people share and comment on the posts, which touch them.

Work more on the quality of your content. Do the deeper research, show results, and give practical information to them.

Don’t think about the blogging as the waste of time. You are practicing your writing. It’s always a bonus in business.

Furthermore, you core your main idea, which you want to deliver to people. In online marketing, the blog posts you write become the part of your personal brand. Consider every article you write as an investment to it.

It will be out of the topic

You wish to write about one thing, but you ‘should’ write on another topic?

People often avoid writing about what is close to their heart as they think that others won’t care about it.

Those readers, editors, friends or colleagues will think that this topic is stupid, too simple, or just doesn’t worth it.

When you take the idea seriously, others will accept it too.

If you got stuck with writing, then you either don’t confident about the topic, or it’s boring for you.

Choose the one, which you really want to write about or interesting in so you will do research to find out more about it and convert it to the blog post.

Nobody knows what you want to write. Any topic you choose, if you write with the enthusiasm and passion, people will feel it. They will sense that you care about it.

I know what to write about, but when it comes to writing I can’t put the words together

There is an exercise for the writers. Take a piece of paper and start writing everything that comes to your mind.

Again, write the stuff, which you enjoy to share or learn.

You may concern that you need to focus on your audience. That’s true too. Then be a part of your audience. It’s easier to understand them when you have the same problems or desires.

Write, like you would tell about your new insight to the friend. The blog posts, which are written as you have the conversation, are easier to read.


The writing blocks are no more than the chemical reaction in our brain. They accumulate unnecessary worrying. Let them go.

When you start working on your next blog post, write without limiting your time and the numbers of words.

Don’t think about using fancy words or trying to look super smart. You write your point of view. That’s it.

Being yourself and writing with your identity as much important as the content you write.

Write till you can, while you have something to type on your keyboard, and then take a break:

Switch your mind to something different. It needs a rest too.

Watching TV isn’t the rest. Your brain is still processing the information.

It will take time to establish your online writing. You may even change the topics, which you talk about. However, the primary step you need to do is just sit and start writing.

Try don’t think too much about what will happen with it next. You will see once you publish your blog post. Now only write a few words to start it.

What other writer’s blocks do you have, which stops you from writing?

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