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How WPJobBoard Plugin integrates JobBoard into WordPress Blogs

WPJobBoard WordPress Plugin

There are more than one way to make money out of anything in this world, I mean give me an idea or a product (E.G. Integrating a job board into WordPress) and I will make money out of it by several ways. In my case,  I am using WPJobBoard WordPress plugin to integrate  a job board into my blog. There are tons of ways to make money online, each way could lead to another! One good idea is starting a jobboard.

Most bloggers in the blogging niche are so involved working on their own projects, once a blogger -like You- became popular and gained some authority after blogging for a while, you will get noticed by others who need a hand in your community, this is where  job boards can play it’s role as a communication tool between two parties, these two parties are the person who needs a job to be done and welling to pay for it, and the person who can do the job and wants to get paid to do it.

If people like what you do as you showcase your skills on your blog, they will probably contact you asking if you can help them with their blogging work, they will be happy to pay you for that as they trust your work. When you reach this point of blogging, you will be able to take a few freelancing jobs from time to time and increase your blogging profits.

How It Works?

We all know that a lot of people are struggling, probably they know you can do what they need, but they are having trouble with making the decision of contacting you, maybe because they are not sure you will accept the job, or maybe afraid they can not afford to pay you. So, the idea of setting up a job board on your WordPress blog is going to break the walls between you and your future clients who need a helping hand, this will increase your opportunities to get more projects and freelancing jobs requests.

Why I personally established a jobs board on FB?

Since you arrived to this page looking for information about jobs board and WordPress, I will not hide my goals from you, I will share all of my ideas and I will try to inspire you, so I am going to explain why I’ve started a job board using WPJobBoard, and why I did my installation of WPJobBoard plugin on my WordPress site here at FamousBloggers blog and not on a new brand domain name, also I will mention my feature plans for the job board.

SO, here is some nice stuff I am focusing on as part of Famous Blogger Job Board‘s goals:

Let’s talk a little about job boards’s goals .. Just notice that each goal will lead to another, and each achieved goal will make profit

Connecting Two Worlds (Jobs offers / Jobs seekers)

If you want to create a successful job board, then you should find out a way to Jobs Offers and Jobs Seekers, this actually must be your main focus. Once you’ve installed WPJobBoard on your site, you will have all the tools you need to get these two main elements together in one place (Jobs Offers and Jobs Seekers), WPJobBoard plugin will allow them to communicate and interact together the way they want, this plugin dose this job perfectly, it has almost all the necessary tools -I am going to list it’s features latter in this post- but once you have your jobs board up and running, you have to focus now on the idea of spreading the word out about your new jobboard!

Connect my self to people who offer Blogging Jobs

To me, I really need to expand my business connections and get in touch with more people who are interested in blogging, why blogging? Because it’s one great tool of business success, almost every individual, company and business looking for setting up a blog, this is why I think that blogging niche is full of unlimited business opportunities, then it comes to several other types of jobs E.G. writing, copywriting, editing, designing, marketing, advertising, social profiles management, community management… etc.

Building my Army (Never Leave Money on the Table)

I know a lot of successful online business owners who started to manage online jobs long time back, now they run a big business and they actually don’t have to work by themselves anymore, they only have the power of connecting with people, they know who offers jobs, and of course they knows who is the right person for the job!

I am actually thinking of this business model since I first started FamousBloggers project, it’s the idea of managing projects and be able to deliver freelancing jobs to those who can do it, so I am behind freelancers all the time trying to build my army of contacts, and I’ve actually did it several times by giving the jobs I receive to others and just get my self a commission!

Someone will ask me, why you give a job to someone else while you can do it and earn the full amount paid for the job?!

Alright, first I want to let you know this about me, as a person I am very honest to myself before being honest to others, this is how I deal and manage my online business, so let’s face it! I can not do every job I got, most of the times I need a hand on my hand! And another very important reason is I give my own business higher priority, so with a little work and setting up a job board on my blog I will be able to give more of these extra jobs to other members in our community, those guys who I know and I trust, I will be so glad to earn small commissions while being able to work on my own business and having someone else to do the job and at the same time earn together! The idea of running a jobs board came from here!

Drive more Targeted Traffic to my blog

Yes! If you are managing a job board you will 100% be able to drive more traffic to your blog, we are talking here about opportunities, and if your site is offering opportunities, it really means a lot!

Do you remember?! .. Each goal will lead to another, and each achieved goal will make profit!

We all knows that traffic means money! This is how the internet works, this is a basic knowledge, if your site or blog have more traffic, this certainly means you will earn more money. It’s what I call indirect profits, I don’t mean here the money you can earn by listing featured jobs on your jobs board, but I am talking about the indirect earnings that it’s possible to get by driving more targeted traffic to your blog.

So, thinking of this type of traffic, and if you are promoting good products that is related to your niche, this will likely increase your affiliate sales, sell more advertisements..etc. However, there are no limits to your imagination!

Earn directly by Listing Featured Jobs

This goal is the hardest in my opinion, because it doesn’t make any sense actually to earn money immediately right after setting up your job board 🙂 So this goal will need more work, and you actually need to give it more time!

The cool part is WPJobBoard allows you to generate different pricing for your jobs listing, and also it gives you the ability to use the power of promotional and discount codes as one of it’s coolest features, these promo codes will encourage job posting and you can play with it the way you like!

Oh My! It seems that I am really excited about WPJobBoard plugin

I feel dizzy just by looking to my post above, and there is still a lot that I want to talk about 🙂

So, now that I’ve showed you how WPJobBoard plugin can be used in several ways to create a killer jobs board site and make profits from it, it’s really up to you to decide which way to go, setup a nice plan, and start rocking your own world.

WPJobBoard plugin or theme? What’s my options?!

I’ve done a lot of researches while looking for a WordPress job board plugin, theme or even any working script, there are some cool stuff out there, but at the beginning I didn’t really know what’s the best for me, it took me nearly two weeks of searching and planning till I figure it out and made my decision!

WPJobBoard WordPress Plugin

I needed a WordPress Jobs board plugin, I don’t need a theme, why? Because I have a blog with around 1000 daily visits, so why bothering myself starting from scratch and try to build a new jobs site under high competition, and to be honest I really didn’t want to jump here and there at the moment! But this can be an option for me to move the job board entirely to another domain name once it’s more active.

Anyways, not everyone thing the same way! So.. here is the exciting news about WPJobBoard!

WPJobBoard has a Free Job Board WordPress Theme

When I first got my paid copy of WPJobBoard two weeks back, they were not offering a theme, only the WordPress plugin was available! And actually the plugin works on any WordPress theme, the cool thing is it has a child theme (inside the plugin itself) that you can customize it the way you like, so basically you can create a different look and feel for the jobs board by editing that child theme files.

But guess what?

Greg Winiarski the Lead Programmer and the creator of WPJobBoard surprised me with pronouncing the new Free jobboard theme that works with WPJobBoard plugin, he is giving it at no cost for all WPJobBoard users.

WPJobBoard Theme

You can see the JobBoard theme demo (Choose WPJobBoard Theme from the sidebar theme chooser widget)

It’s very interesting to see the new jobboard theme ready. Let me share with you some of WPJobBoard plugin features..

WPJobBoard Features:

Like any simple to install WordPress plugin, WPJobBoard can be installed and activated with just a few clicks of your mouse. All you need to do is upload it to your server and activate in WordPress Admin panel, or even to make more easy than that you can use WordPress plugin installer to upload it and install it for you, then you can safely activate it. Also configuring the plugin is so simple as everything is clear.

As you can see in our Blogging board, we’ve added a few categories related to our niche, so it depends on your need to add, edit and delete unlimited number of categories.

Create promo codes to encourage job posting, this can be done without having to change your main pricing setup, this is a really cool feature that I am welling to use while promoting the job board, and I can control the pro codes by selecting the value type and coupon expiration date, awesome!

SEO features, yes! You can dynamically set title for each page to improve your visibility and rankings in all search engines.

Use power of eMail templates to send automatic personalized eMails to job posters to inform them whenever there is a new action has been taken E.G. When payment received or listing expires… etc.

Create as many listing types as you need. The WPJobBoard flexible listing type creator allows you to select: currency, price (can be zero as well), how long ad will be display and between normal and featured listings.

Full time and part time jobs are not enough? No problem, WPJobBoard gives you the freedom of creating and removing job types.

This can be used in two ways, you can allow members to create their own page, and give employers access to it.

You decide which fields are required, which are optional and which job poster will not see at all.

All PayPal payments you recieve will be automatically handled and processed thanks to integration with PayPal’s superb Instant Payment Notification system.

WpJobBoard includes seven WordPress widgets that will help you blend job board into your blog. Included widgets: Recent Jobs, Jobs Categories, Job Board Menu, Job Types, Job Search, Job Feeds, Featured Jobs.

Allow clients to browse jobs category, by job type and to do a custom search.

You can use any PayPal supported currency. Translating job board to your language requires to translate one file containing all the used phrases.

Allow your visitors to syndicate your job feeds by interest, each directory has it’s own feed, I love this feature and it’s one of the features I’ve been looking for,  I personally use a widget on Ask Famous Bloggers new site to display jobs over there using RSS widget.

WPJobBoard plugin is flexible and can be used by several ways, I really love this kind of WordPress plugins that allow you to add value everyday to you blog, without doubt WPJobBoard is one of these creative WordPress plugins, probably now you figure it out 🙂

Sites using WPJobBoard plugin for WordPress

Here is a nice list of sites using WPJobBoard, each one of these sites is a good example of integrating  job boards into a WordPress site:

SocialSkillz JobBoard

SocialSkillz JobBoard

Crebs jobBoard

Crebs JobBoard

BloggingPro JobBoard

BloggingPro JobBoard

Performancing JobBoard

Performancing JobBoard

DFW interactive Marketing Association JobBoard

DFW interactive Marketing Association JobBoard

Maori Pacific Jobs – JobBoard

Maori Pacific Jobs - JobBoard

Do you have an idea for a job board on your niche blog? visit WPJobBoard site now and just do it!

Special Thanks:

I would like to thank my friends for taking time to mention the new job board, check them out:

Thanks to WPJobBoard, I have too much going on in my head 🙂

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