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Make Money Online Tip – Why Beginners Fail and How to Fix the Grave Error

Why Beginners Fail

Make money online newbs fail. By the boatload. Why? No creating. Simple. Create value. Become valuable. Newbies generally push an opportunity before creating. Even seasoned vets make the mistake. I have no clue in hell why somebody would be interested in your opportunity if you created nothing for me.

Seriously. How do you stand out from hundreds or thousands of people who do the same thing? Post ads. Lame pitches. Repeat daily. All automons. All value-less zombies, pushing opportunities, and nothing of value. Create no value. Become a loser.

Why create value? People flock to you. Pros know this. Pros help people prosper. People prosper pros. Neat, right? Give, receive. Sow, reap. The Law since the beginning of human civilization: if you WANT something, GIVE something. The lesson is lost on cash gifting or MLM failures. The lesson is ignored, because failures are too desperate trying to GET, the crowd forgets to GIVE.

Make Money Online – Cash Money Is in Consciousness

Personal development guru Bob Proctor stresses the idea that money is in consciousness.

Money is an idea. Picture yourself in possession of a set amount of money. Feel the reality of the picture. You attract ideas to acquire the money. Or the money pops up in your experience. Usually you attract value-packed, creative ideas to acquire the money. Write a blog post. Pen an article. Or maybe you begin researching cash gifting or home business pros, taking notes on blog posts. Armed with prospering ideas you begin to create your own helpful content. You GIVE value, to GET value in the form of opt-ins, or money.

Now you might pen a post and generate zero opt-ins. No biggie. Give some more. Write another post. Repeat daily. Do not obsess with GETTING, obsess with GIVING, and be open to GETTING. As you continue sowing daily, patiently, you will reap. Receive opt-ins and money.

Beginners sometimes feel value-less. How can I share value? You are alive, right? You have experienced situations, correct? Learned lessons? I hope! Start writing about experiences from your lfe. Research pros in your niche. Take notes. Create content. You have tons to give. Give.

Personal Development

As within so without. You believe deep down that you are a failure. So you fail. How do you release the failing belief? Meditating. Visualizing yourself as a success. Affirming your success.

Reprogram your subconscious mind. The benefits of reprogramming your subconscious? Naming your price. Literally. Want millions? Do what the books say. Study for hours each day. How hungry are you? You will answer your own question, by devoting hours to studying and using the concepts presented in the book, daily.

Make Money Online Failure – Summary

Newbs fail by being value-less, in mind. Create value. Become valuable. Recount experiences. Study pros. Take notes. Make money online like a demon.

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