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What Happened To Kolakube.com ?

Kolakube.com has been acting strange recently, the site went down for several times till it disappear completely from the internet. At the beginning I thought it’s a web hosting problem, which could happen to any website on the internet, but then I realized that there is other side for the story!

Note: I’ve categorize this post in the News section, because it’s News!

And, I am curious to know what really happened to Kolakube, not because its competition with ThesisAwesome.com, but I have other reasons:

1- I know the guy

I know Alex Frasier and I’ve talked with him via email and skype trying to find out a way to work together, but he didn’t reply to my tweet recently, he actually didn’t say anything about Kolakube and what happened with the site.

2- I am a member of Kolakube

Yes, I am a member of Kolakube since the site was launched (I also have a membership on almost all other thesis skins sites), I actually bought two skins from Alex before, the reason was not really to use the skins, but to support him as a young guy who do great work, and I like that. I some times buy things that I don’t use just to support and encourage the people behind it.

So, being member of Kolakube, I would like to know why the site is down, this is absolutely NOT a web hosting problem!

We are not talking about a blog or whatever website here, this is a business website with a lot of members who are expecting it to be working, and If my business website site goes down because web hosting problem, I will do what ever it takes to bring it back, moving it to another hosting company won’t hurt, and I will do it the same day!

3- I received a couple of  emails asking about Kolakube

I’ve got a couple of emails from people who was trying to reach the site and they eneded on my site somehow, so I had to reply to them, I’ve told them that Kolakube is down, and I asked them to check back latter.

Also, more than one person are asking what happened to the site on Twitter, they are expecting an answer, so if you read this post and you know what happened to Kolakube , please do let us know!

Is Alex Selling Kolakube.com

The Answer is: Yes!

I have no doubt that Alex tried to sell Kolakube, he actually tried to sell it at flippa.com last month, but probably he didn’t complete the transfer.

Not sure why his account is banned at flippa.com?

I really don’t get it!

I just don’t understand the whole thing!

I mean, how come someone plan to sell his site this way without informing its members?

Or maybe ask them, what if there is someone interested among the members?

What Happened To Kolakube.com ?

Is Kolakube going to be live again any soon?

Did Alex sold the Kolakube ?

If yes, then who is the new owner?

If you have an answers to any of these question, please let me know!

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