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Watch Apple’s iPad3 Event Live Converge

Apple's iPad 3 Live Event

Many people are curious to see how the new iPad 3 looks like, and what to expect from it. A few days ago, Apple invited the media for special event in San Francisco. Today, Apple is holding the special event to introduce the iPad 3 to the public in a live presentation.

Update: You can watch the iPad presentation at Apple.com.

You can watch it at CNet.com Live

iPad3 Features

I can say that I will stop working for now, and I will just watch the event. It will start in a few minutes.

I own an iPad 2, I love it, and I am not sure if I will go for iPad 3 unless it has something I really need, or a feature that could make a difference!

What about you?

Images from Apple’s event

Apple's iPad 3 Live Event
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