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Vendio Ecommerce Blogger Search is Looking to Hire a Blogger

Vendio Ecommerce Blogger Search

Hi Everyone, I would like to share with you an awesome opportunity from Vendio, a leading provider of ecommerce software, is looking to hire a blogger to contribute to their Vendable blog.

They are looking for someone who is passionate about ecommerce, is insightful about industry trends, and has a flair for writing. They are hosting a blogging contest on EcommerceWriter.com to fill the position, and the winner receives the following package:

  1. A year-long contract for $50 – $100 per blog post
  2. The chance to attend Ecommerce and Social Media conferences throughout the year as a representative of Vendio.
  3. An iPad 2 to help research and write posts.
  4. A free subscription to Vendio’s Get It All ecommerce software package to create and host an online store.

To apply for the position

You simply need to write a post on your blog and submit it to the Vendio team for review.

You can write about the ecommerce topic of your choice, or create a post telling them why you’d be the perfect candidate for the job. The only requirements are that you link to Vendio.com and EcommerceWriter.com in your post so that they can track applicants and ensure every post is reviewed.

[box type=”note”]The contest runs through November 11th and your post can include anything related ecommerce![/box]

Good luck!

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