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How to Create a Unique Content from only One Article – MMO from here and there #1

From here and there

I am going to be very honest about what I write here, I am going to shoot out what I think is good for any blogger who want to enhance his/her blog, and this is why I am giving love to it. I am talking from my personal experience, I am giving you tips from the Money Making blogosphere that really worked for me or at least I am thinking everyone should know about it, so follow me on these cool Making Money Online rounds, I had lots of fun experimenting it and writing it, so I am sure you are going to spend useful minutes reading it.

Why SEO is so confusing and misleading?

A must read articles that I highly recommend, it’s magnificent posts from Brian, it helped me to understand what I should do when submitting my posts to social networks like BlogEngage, Digg, Mixx and get much more from it. I have learned how to create a unique content from only one article; I learned how to submit my article to social networks that has a better ranking on search engines and increase my organic traffic flow. It’s a very simple rule I am following starting from only yesterday, and I found the results today and I sow it with my own eyes working for me, and this is why I am going to use it for ever!

Visit Brian’s posts, its two parts about how to create unique content and Increases SEO and Organic Website Traffic of your blog. I am not going to ask you to read the two parts because I am 100% sure you will. Try to spend more time thinking on how to submit your articles next time you do. Don’t tell me that you don’t have time for changing the title and the description and keywords when you are submitting an article to some social network, here is the links:

Are you Saving Drafts for a Rainy Day?!

Can I say Don’t write to publish.. Write to save drafts?! .. Actually I don’t have a problem bringing ideas out to the world, but some of us have problems on finding a topic ideas to write about, Justin of DragonBlogger think that it’s very important to save something for the future when that time comes and find yourself out of ideas, and I completely agree with this opinion, and I try to follow this advice, Justin wrote about this issue a guest post on Karen’s blog that you may like to check, I recommend reading this post because it has good tips on how to write a rainy day post.  saving drafts for a rainy day could be a great idea for facing blogging hard times, I remember that Karen talked about this issue before as well, and I was trying to follow this useful advice because it could happen to anyone at any time if ideas streaming stop or you find difficulties on finding a topic to write about, so this is a good tip for people who want to Makin Money Online from their blog and don’t want to get staked!

I think its good idea to organize the time you publish new posts on your blog, as probably keeping your blog posts on the main page for a day or two is a good thing for your visitors to know about what you have there, especially if you don’t use a sidebar widget to show your latest posts.

Thanks for reading, that’s all for today, keep in mind that I am writing only about what I believe is good for any blogger to know, so keep in touch by high quality comment and stay tuned! Have a good day everybody.

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