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The Ultimate Link Building Strategies

link building strategies

Link building is the major secret to search engine rankings, I will tell you to forget about high search engine rankings if you forget link building. Here are some ultimate link building strategies to help you have an effective link building and a better search engine ranking.

1. Social Bookmarking Sites

The social bookmarking sites is now fast becoming part of SEO and as we all know how the game of SEO is, every sharp webmaster will want to tap into this. The advantage of social networks/social bookmarking sites is that they have a huge readership thereby a very large amount of content which makes the search engines crawl them fast. They also have a lot of backlinks thus leading to high pagerank and high trust in them by search engines.

Social websites have so many advantages, they are so powerful to the extent of getting your website indexed in a little period of time. Examples are digg,reddit,stumbleupon.

It is also important to consider niche related social bookmarking sites, a good example is the mmosocialnetwork.com and sphinn.com, the former is making money online related while the later is SEO related.

2. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is an easy yet effective means of gaining relevant backlinks. The simple proccess is to put your desired anchor text in the name field of the comment section of the website you are commenting on while putting your website in the website field. It is also important to know that nofollow links are useless to your search engine rankings (but should be used a little to make your link profile natural), a googd list of dofollow blogs, and you can also try to use 5the dofollow search engine at www.commenthunt.com.

3. Link Exchange

This is also another link building method, the method to be used is to try sending a personalized email to the recipient (the person you are requesting link from, tell him about the high quality content you have, tell him what your websites both have in common and tell him you will also be interested in linking back to him.

Some people advise to try out link exchange programmes, but i think it can devalue your website (try it out if you think it works).

4. Article Directories

This is also an effective but difficult means of getting high quality backlinks; effective in the term that your quality article gets copied by other webmasters thereby increasing your backlinks and difficult in terms of time taken to write the articles. If you have the time, it is a good thing to consider.

5. Web Directories

This is a very good method of giving your website some value, especially if the link is from old and quality directories like yahoo directory, dmoz e.t.c the reason for this is that it makes your website more valouable and respected by search engines but be wise and don’t over do it as it also has negative effects.


All the above tips are to be considered for an effective link building and can help catapult your website to the next level of search engine rankings.

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