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The 4 Types of Bloggers You Should Avoid at All Cost!

Types of Bloggers

There are tons and tons of blogs around and all of them do what they can to get your attention. After all, if you like one of them, you’ll keep coming back to it, and maybe even buy something it promotes, right?

There are types of bloggers running those blogs that I think you should be made aware of and avoid, so let me take a minute or two to tell you about them, OK?

1. The Fakers

These are the most harmful to you. Why? Because they’ll make you believe that they know what they are talking about, they’ll position themselves as experts to the point where you trust them and…

…when you take action on what they say, you’ll end up losing time and money, and you’ll run into a whole bunch of problems.

2. The Bozos

A bozo is someone who’ll spend all his energy to prove to you that whatever you’re trying to do is just not going to work.

They’ll keep convincing you that this is just too hard, it’s just too complicated and you don’t have enough knowledge, skill, experience and who-knows-what to achieve what you want to achieve.

Most of the time they’re wrong, but they can be terribly discouraging.

3. The Braniacs

Those are the dudes you just can’t understand when you read what they have to say. They use what I like to call geek speak, and they’ll try to impress you with crazy vocabulary, convoluted sentences and all kinds of other crap just to make you think that they’re smart.

They don’t want to help you. They just want to feed their egos. Stear clear.

4. The Gloomers

You know there are blogs out there that spend a whole bunch of time talking about the negative stuff that happens in the world.

The bloggers running them hate politics, they detest pop culture, they back talk the news, they simply dislike everything.

Now, I am not saying that everything is great all around us and people shouldn’t talk about their problems, but for Pete’s sake…

…not all the time.


Of course crap happens sometimes and you need to vent. Of course you don’t want to bother your family or friends in some cases, so what you sometimes do is go to your blog and rant.

That’s normal.

The problem is that a lot of bloggers out there do way too much of that and they bring new readers down with them.

Avoid those emotional vampires. Those dudes are no good…

Focus on the stuff that makes you feel good inside

So, here are the 4 types of bloggers you absolutely need to avoid. Don’t waste your precious time on them. Just move on and read a post that will provide some kind of genuine value to you.

You really don’t have to read every blog out there, and I am sure you know that already. Just focus on the stuff that makes you feel good inside, and you’ll be just fine.

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