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How to Thank Each Other for Tweeting and Retweeting

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I decided to be more active recently on Twitter, and when you are more active on Twitter it will not take you long to realize the difference that Twitter make for your blog traffic and blogging ideas as well, I can find lots of ideas from twitter to blog about, but there is an opinion and personal feeling I would like to share with you about retweeting links, so you correct me if I am wrong!

Why I want to break Twitter Traditions

I Retweet a lot of links of members I follow on Twitter when found them useful, I even retweet a few non related to my niche links when I really… really like them, and this to help them by sending more traffic to their blogs, so basically the Twitter traditions is to thank people who tweeted your tweets! So I am gaining lots of tweets says “Thanks you for the tweeting”, or “Thank you for Retweeting”!

Someone could say people will see that I am a retweet guy and they will follow me for that, but how many of people will notice that?! I don’t think there is a lot of them, I want to break this “Thank you” Twitter traditions because it’s not enough a warding, yes you are a nice person when you retweet my links but is it really enough to thank you?

Thank you for Tweeting, is it enough?!

At the beginning I was feeling great when I receive a thank you tweet, but after some time, I started not to like it that much, specially when the person who thank me disappear after that and didn’t tweet or retweet my own links, it actually piss me off when someone hit the button on Twitter Widget and tweet something like “I’m on your site! via TwitterRemote”! I mean where is the creativity on that?!

I have removed the twitter widget completely from my blog, I just don’t want anyone to tell me he was on my site because I already know who goes and who comes 😉

What if we STOP Thank each other for Tweeting and Retweeting?

This is an invitation to change your twitter habits, yes.. there must be better ways always, I am going to tell you about how to thank people who tweet or retweet your links in a better way, and awarding them at the same time.

Simple click on the twitter name of the person who tweet your links to open his twitter page and pick one of the tweets and visit the links, see what it talk about, if you like it then retweet it, this will make him/her more happy and welling to retweet your links more in future!

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Well you break Twitter Traditions?

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