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Tweet And Get It: A Twitter Growth Strategy For Bloggers That Works

Twitter Growth Strategy

I’ve written many posts on how to get more Twitter followers and have seen great success in this area. Although, those methods work, they are not as practical and engaging as the Tweet & Get It method I am about to outline for you. This method is perfect for bloggers who want to turn their web visitors in to Twitter followers.

This is also the method I used to launch my new free e-book titled Tweet To The Bank: How To Make Money With Twitter and provides additional benefits on top of growing your Twitter followers.


The method I am about to disclose is a twist on one used by bloggers for years to successfully grow their email subscription list. You basically give away an e-book or something of value as incentive for people to follow you on Twitter. In order for the person to get to the download page for your give away they have to first follow your Twitter account and tweet a message of your choice. It is needless to say, my social media savvy friends that this is pure genius and possibly the greatest thing for your Twitter account since the retweet.

Why Is This Amazing?

In one strategy, if setup correctly you get all of the following.

1. Gain Followers

You gain a follower and of course they can unfollow you just like they can unsubscribe from your email list but if you offer something of real value then they won’t. Also remember this is not just a regular dude blindly following everyone and their mothers, uncles, brothers, daughters, child to get a follow back. They are following you because they are interested in what you have to offer. They are interested in the things you write about, this is a real follower (not a bot) who is willing to engage and interact with you for what you have to offer.

This is gold my friend, gold, and the essence of what Twitter is all about. The followers keep pouring in.

2. Free Advertising

Your new follower has to tweet a message as well as follow you in order to get your give away. You write this tweet yourself so you can put a link to your give away landing page, so if their Twitter followers are interested and click the link they have to go through the same process in order to get the free prize. If they are popular their tweet will get retweeted and travel farther through twitter, which could drive a lot of traffic to where ever the link leads.

This is viral advertising at its best. The red rectangles below are the Tweets that followers had to Tweet.

3. Raise Your Klout Score

If you do it exactly how I did it, you also increase your @mentions, which will raise your Klout Score especially if you engage in a dialogue with your new followers right away.

Numbers 1 and 2 in the picture show how many @mentions I get. Besides crafting the Tweet that my new followers have to Tweet with a @mrchicheter in them, I tell them to @mention me again if they want me to follow them back. This increases my @mentions and sparks a conversation with my new follower. My Klout Score climbed from the mid 50s to 62 in a week.

Part One: The Giveaway

(An example of my free e-book giveaway)

I will assume you already have a Twitter account, and a blog because without them this is basically useless. If you are writing about social media this is easier, and I would suggest you write an e-book relating to Twitter. It makes sense that a Twitter tips e-book would appeal to your Twitter followers if social media, internet marketing, PR or blogging is the topic of your blog. If not that is okay too just make sure your e-book is compelling and something that your blog readers will want. The point is to turn all of your blog readers into Twitter followers if they are not followers already.

Also remember you don’t have to give away an e-book. If you are a musician it can be music or your album, you can give away free icon packs or something else based on your expertise and what your blog visitors would want.

Tweet & Get It

Once you have your give away ready you have to set up a page or a post that acts as a sales page for it. Even though the give away is free you should write a convincing offer so that your readers will want to download it. Once the page is ready you have to download and install a Word Press plug-in called Tweet & Get It. This is the bread and butter of your operation and is what allows your readers to Tweet & Get your e-book. Or log into your Word Press blog and follow the instructions below to download, install and set up the plug-in

Tweet & Get It Installation Instructions

1. Click Add plug-in from plug-in section

2.Search for “Tweet & Get It


3.Activate the plug-in in the plug-in section

5.Click make your button

4. Create a new button and save the button

This step is very important. Make sure you have a link to your give away (1) and (2) a @yourtwitterhandle in the message you want Tweeted in order to get the most out of this.

5. Copy the button short code and paste it into where ever you want it on your sale page

After you save your button copy the short code that it gives you and paste it on the give away page. Once you have done this you can move on to Part 2 which is just promoting the give away page. You don’t have to do Part 2 at all, but I was launching a new e-book so I wanted to promote it as well as grow my followers. There are many ways to do this but since I was targeting people on Twitter I used a Twitter Pay Per Tweet platform like MyLikes.com. I basically created a campaign and used MyLikes to pay people to Tweet about my new e-book. I paid .10 per Tweet and generated 4,000+ clicks to my Bit.ly link, increased my daily blog traffic and averaged about 5-10 new Twitter followers a day.

Good luck and remember.

Live and let Live, Learn and teach others, Spread Love as often as you can, so you can Leave a meaningful legacy behind.” -Mr.Chichester

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