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To Tweet or Not To Tweet!

Twitter garners massive power all on its own. The people who use it make quirky and short posts, or rather tweets as the people in the Twitter universe like to call it, every few hours or so or as frequently as they deem appropriate and they are more or less all set.

Since most of the Twitter users are celebrities and people of power, Twitter acts as more of a connecting ground between the rich and famous and the ones that unfortunately aren’t so. Thus, instead of a social media platform, Twitter has turned into a more of a tabloid that people use to talk to and talk about celebrities and the famous all day long.

Even though Twitter was created and launched in 2006, it wasn’t until 2010 that it gained popularity and became the most used social media account, superseding Facebook in its rise to the top. In 2012, the use was Twitter was at its all time high with its users posting a grand total of 360 million tweets a day. With such a humongous success, after the invention of Facebook, it was Twitter that paved the way for the creation of more social media platforms like Instagram and Tumblr, even though they followed a completely different format compared to Twitter.

While Twitter may be great and all, nobody can completely deny that strangers of all sorts with ill thoughts and even more nefarious intentions on their minds lurk the corners of Twitter as well, leaving everybody using Twitter somewhat vulnerable in the worst ways. Every other day we hear the rich and famous’ Twitter account being hacked for obscure reason and their private information being released in the worse of ways.

If those people are not safe from the fiery trenches of hackers and nefarious people, what hope do we, the common people, have of escaping them? In times like these, parents need to be on constant look out for their teens and tweens if they use twitter on a daily basis. To ensure this, parents can either physically monitor their children around the clock or either invest in monitoring applications.

While using monitoring applications to monitor their own children might seem like a tad bit intrusive and immoral to most parents, it is the best way there is compared to physical monitoring where the child may be conscious of the surveillance and may be tempted to hide the data that might prove to be dangerous to them eventually. Therefore, the only option they have left is spy applications that can help them out with:

Social Media Monitoring

An essential tool that most spy apps come equipped with is the ability to look through the various social media profiles in order to provide you with the information needed to keep your child safe from the people they interact with online. Not only can you see what your child has been doing online but you can also control this free access to some extent.

Browse through Browsing History

If your child is not using the Twitter app to chat with his or her followers or the people they are following, then they definitely using the internet search engine like Chrome and Firefox to do so. Since all good spy apps grant you access to that too, you can easily look through their internet browsing history to determine what your little one has been up and with whom exactly.

Look Through Messaging Apps and Contact Lists

Since our young generation is a staunch believer is friendship without borders, they tend to give their personal contact information to anyone without even thinking about it. Therefore, in times like these, the burden of keeping them safe falls into the laps of the parental units who with their unadulterated access to their devices via the spy applications are very easily capable of doing just that. Not only can they read the messages and browse through apps, they can also keep an eye on the contacts programmed onto their devices and block a suspicious number at will.

The Bottom Line

Twitter is a great tool to learn about the latest update about the world and even a fandom you’re your child is a part of. Yet, it is also a very dangerous place to be. With spy apps to help you out, you can not only protect your child on multiple levels but also ensure that you get a good night’s rest when the sun goes down.

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