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4 Traffic building Tips for your Blog

Traffic building Tips

Building traffic should be our priority, however the way you choose to do it is your choice, in this post i am going to share a few tips for building traffic with you. If you have tried these before feel free to share your success with the readers here on famous bloggers club, the place where we gather and share tips and information we believe is of importance to you all. Blogs are brilliant in promoting your products and services they are easy to setup and run and with little are no programming knowledge you can maintain them But what is a blog without traffic? precisely no good. Here are four quick ways to boost traffic to your blog and start seeing those big sales.

1. Update your content regularly

Search Engines loves this and also your readers this will encourages regular indexing of your sites and for visitors they will be encouraged to returned very regularly because there will be a new post waiting for them to read

2. Add social network buttons to your website

By adding these buttons this enables readers to spread the word to others by submitting your articles to their favorite networking websites like Digg, Stumbleupon and even Facebook your website will get more publicity and the best thing this is free and viral.

3. Leaving comments

There is an article here on famous bloggers.net written by Latief that explains the benefit of leaving comments on other blogs, this technique is used by most if not all bloggers this enables your website to get back links that are valuable and contributes to your Google Page rank. Posting to forums also is another brilliant idea when looking for traffic to your website but make sure you avoid spamming this can get you black listed .

4. Building a list of Blog services

This list you may wonder what i am talking about you may ask these are blog services that you can ping like feed burner to tell them that you have just updated your blog they in turn will then list your new posts and you will receive traffic in return you can Google the web and find these website which offer such services.

I am sure there are many other ways you can find to get traffic to your blog this includes paying services like Google Adwords are pay per click advertising however the ones I have mentioned here are free, it doesn’t cost a penny. Please share your views and ideas on these traffic building tips.

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