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Are you using TweetBeep to Monitor Who is Talking about your Blog?

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Along with promoting your blog it is wise to try to keep track of who is talking about it.  There are different ways to do this but I am going to focus on using TweetBeep for Twitter. Tweet Beep is a handy little tool you can use to monitor who is talking about your blog on Twitter. It is much like Google Alerts but designed specifically for Twitter.

The sign up for Tweet Beep is free and remains free for monitoring up to 10 keywords.  What this means is that if you have more than just one blog you can monitor those, you can monitor your name, product, etc.  If you want to monitor more than ten keywords, Tweet Beep has three different options, they are:

  1. 30 keyword alerts for $3 dollars a month
  2. 75 keyword alerts for $6 dollars a month
  3. 200 keyword alerts for $20 dollars a month

Once again if you only want to monitor 10 keywords then it is free.

TweetBeep also allows you to choose if you want daily or hourly updates.  This is great feature if you want to be more engaged in a new blog or new product you have launched you can change your updates from daily to hourly.  If you simply want a daily synopsis of what is going on with your keywords you can choose that option too.

Using TweetBeep along with other methods will help you to monitor the good, the bad, and the popularity of your blog or other keywords you wish to know about.

What about you? What are your using to monitor your blog?

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