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ToTheGo Search Engine Review


Some business owners develop great tools to help businesses and individuals. Some of those business owners focus on the users’ needs first! ToTheGo is a search engine that can help you find what you are looking for; currently aggregates more than three million listings from US websites.

I actually have more than one reason to review ToTheGo search engine.

ToTheGo is a search engine for Jobs, Homes and Cars based out of Milan, Italy. This year they launched their service for the US and UK market, and planning to reach more markets in the near future.

This rich source of information allows users to find the best possible deals when looking for jobs, properties or even vehicles.  ToTheGo can provide all these kind of information saving you a lot of time, energy and effort to find what you are looking for.

Why ToTheGo is different!

One search, delivers a plethora of results as ToTheGo has a huge amount of websites listings.

Also, the website is highly optimized for search engines like Google, Ping and Yahoo, which means all these search engines will find its listings easily, that’s another reason to use it.

The simple interface of ToTheGo search engine makes it super user friendly in terms of design, there are three main tabs for searches, switching between those tabs (plus the ability to customize your searches, for example: limit the distance by miles) brings you a high targeted results. The search box is also customized to search by “What” and “Where” indicators, which return more accurate results.

Probably now you understand why I did this review for ToTheGo search engine.

ToTheGo helps you fine a job!

I can see that the first tab is dedicated for jobs search, so I thought to visit the site and try to do some searches for jobs to see what type of results I will get!

I did a simple search for “writer” jobs as my example keyword, and here are the results:

As you can see in the screen capture above, ToTheGo came up with a few cool writing jobs, for example: Technical Writer, Development Writer, Technical Writer, Automotive Technical Writer, Junior Technical Writer and  Reports Writer jobs. Pretty cool!

Final Words

ToTheGo will always redirect you to the original source to read the full text of the ads. Because of the large number of classified ads indexed by ToTheGo, search engines like Google, Ping and Yahoo will find it easily.

Do some searches using ToTheGo and let me know how you find the results.

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