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Make Money with Topsy’s Social Modules

Topsy Social Modules

Now you can monetize your blog or website with Topsy Social Modules. I’ve got an email from the Topsy guys sharing their new social modules which add realtime social content within your blog that is relevant, topical and fresh.

Topsy’s Social Modules leverage the same proprietary influence algorithm powering topsy.com. If you are using Topsy button you will know what I mean!

I had a chance to try it on FamousBloggers for a few minutes after I got their email to see how it works, and I really like it. It looks cool! So I thought to share with you guys. Maybe you will find it useful for your blog visitors or even make some extra money, as you actually can display relevant ads on it. It could be an addition to your monetization tools.

Here is how the Topsy Social Modules looks like:

The module will Allow you -as a publisher- to display content from influencers across the social web on your blog, so basically you can add it to your blog sidebar. Topsy’s developers have managed to get you covered with some profanity filters, so the content you’ll see displayed is relevant to your blog content and brand safe.

I really like it, and I am a big fan of Topsy button as well. I used to have it on the blog for more than one year since we started FamousBloggers before I switched to the official twitter button. I am actually in love with Topsy’s ranking!

Easy customization!

I like the easy customization panel. It provide realtime results, so you can actually see in realtime how your widget will look like while you are customizing it.

The Topsy Module has two simple panels for customization as you can see below.

Here you can customize it’s settings


Topsy’s Social Module Settings

And, here you can customize the appearance of the widget


Topsy's Social Module Appearance

Once you are done with the appearance, you will be taken to the next step which is monetization. It’s a simple checkbox. All you have to do is choose whether you would like to display ads on the social module or not. By checking the box, you are confirming that you want to make money by using the Topsy’s social module real-time ads. Topsy will rotates ads into your customized module, paying you a percentage of the revenue earned by valid clicks on these ads.

The Topsy Social Modules Plugin for WordPress

You can easily install the Topsy Social Modules Plugin on your WordPress blog.

Topsy’s Social Modules add realtime social content within your site that is relevant, topical and fresh. Unlike twitter widgets, Topsy’s Influence Engine ensures your site gets top quality content from influencers

You can setup your module in no time and use the script to display it where you want on your blog or website. It actually has a very neat design.

Give it a try, do some testing, and maybe your blog visitors will like it or you can make some extra money from the Social Module advertisements. I will be happy to hear what you think and how thing work out for you!

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