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Top 6 Social Networks that Drive Traffic to my Blog

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Social networks are the bloggers best friends. These are like super markets which helps us to sell our goods. Or we can say that they are large bill boards which helps us to advertise our products! So, are you familiar with these social networks? Do you know where and how to submit your article? Do you know where not to submit your articles? If you don’t, lets learn!

These days there is a great demand for social networks. Even a single person can create their own network for free. But, of course we can’t submit our blogs to all of them! (I wish we could). So, today, lets learn about some top social networking sites and what kind of content they accept.


With an Alexa rank of 2 and having more than 350 million active users, Facebook is the number one social network on the net (according to Alexa its the number 2 web site). On Facebook you can publish any kind of post. They accept any topic. Not only just publish, Facebook allows you to build a community around your blog using fan pages.


Digg have an Alexa rank of 102, but it brings me more traffic than Facebook. Digg accepts many kinds of posts :

But, they are more active on technology stuff! If you have a tech related post, Digg is the best place to promote it.


Reddit is one of my favorites. It have a huge amount of categories called “Reddits”. If you can’t find your category you can make one. But its better to stick to already existing Reddits, with have more amounts of members. To survive in Reddit, you need to work hard on it. If you keep on submitting only your own posts, Reddit users will simply kill you by putting negative comments and down votes. So, in Reddit you must be a bit careful. But its worth it!


Another great network with a huge amounts of users. Its a bit tricky on how the things work on Stumble. First you need to submit your articles, then people will see your article when stumbling, and if they like, they’ll vote it. The best part is, even a small number of votes can bring a huge wave of traffic to your blog. So better to build a good community around you on StumbleUpon.

MMO Social Network

One of the rising stars from Famousbloggers.net. This network accepts posts related to blogging and online money making. This network have a very special feature which no one else have. In MMO Social Network, when some one click the ads on your submitted pages, you will get a revenue share of 100% for the coming three months! Not bad isn’t it. Another thing is that, because this network is new, you have a good chance to start work on it today, and become a top member!


This is a network for developers. If you have a good geeky post which belongs to categories like Web development or Programming, this is the best place to promote it. If you can submit a great post, if the DZone members like it, you’ll get a big traffic from DZone!

Now what do you think? Do you think you can increase your traffic from these networks? Do you have more suggestions in your pocket? If so, please put them out as comments… Enjoy!

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