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Top 3 Ways to Find Great Guest Contributors for Your Blog

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I think everyone reading this blog will agree: famous bloggers are busy, actually most bloggers are very, very busy people. Writing interesting posts, networking and building connections with other bloggers, searching for post ideas – all this takes much time. And on top of all you need to be consistent and update your blog regularly, religiously and as often as you can to give your readers a good reason to follow you and check your blog feed daily.

But here’s the greatest advice you’ve ever heard: start accepting (and encouraging) guest contributions. Look at most powerful blogs: they all feature guest contributions for a reason (well, for many reasons to be more precise):

So I guess it is pretty clear why you should look for guest posters, right? Now, let me share with you how. Top 3 most effective ways to find great guest bloggers:

1. Encourage guest contributions on the blog

Look at famous bloggers: they feature very evident “Write for us” badge on the site. And consequently they have plenty really great contributions from guests weekly: each one contains fresh ideas and unique opinions – that’s what makes the site so exciting.

The page inviting the guests should contain the following information (or look at this blog’s one as a sample):

2. Join the community of guest bloggers: My Blog Guest

I am biased here because the community was started by me but here are the facts: MyBlogGuest is free, new and growing fast. Every day new bloggers join the site looking for blogs to guest post on. Creating a profile is easy: besides usual info (like username and email) you will need to provide:

3. Look within your post comments

All bloggers know that their most precious visitors are those that comment: only people who are really passionate / knowledgeable abut the topic will take time to share their opinion. Some of my best post ideas were found in my blog comments and my most valuable contacts are those who comment at my posts regularly.

So once you look through your blog comments daily, take some time to see if there are some really good ideas. Then contact the ones that you liked most of all and offer them to elaborate further on the topic. Here’s what you should look for:

Of course, a good idea is to check the person’s site before offering him to guest blog.

Hopefully, you’ll feature more guest contributions after this post!

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