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Tag Cloud Impact on Infolinks’ Publishers Earnings

Infolinks’ Tag Cloud

Last week Infolinks introduced its latest In-Text advertising feature – the Tag Cloud. Tag Cloud’s layout is unique with its visually appealing, multi-colored scheme that is fully customizable to best suit your website’s design. A “cloud” of keywords contextually relevant to the content of your site is easily implemented with merely a click. It is a new form of In-Text, yet this new monetization tool still functions similarly to traditional In-Text ads:  a mouse hover of these high paying keywords activates an ad bubble containing a contextually relevant ad.

Tag Cloud is a fresh new variation of Related Tags, which is another Infolinks platform that monetizes keywords with an In-Text function, but in a different style than Tag Cloud. These money making additions are a great supplement to the traditional contextual format of In-Text ads and increase revenue generation. The question is, how much of an increase can publishers expect with Infolinks’ Tag Cloud?

Obviously before officially launching any product, Infolinks runs a series of intricate tests to ensure that our new releases are not only top functioning, but top profiting as well. Two months prior to Tag Cloud’s release date Infolinks began testing a group of websites that are an accurate representation of our network of publishers. To ensure the validity of our results, only websites with stable earnings for 6 months, and a variation of size, geographical location and site category were chosen so that we could thoroughly evaluate the extra value of this new addition to our monetization arsenal.

See below how the test group’s revenue was impacted over this 2 month period.

According to the chart above you can see that Infolinks publishers saw a 20% increase in Revenue after implementing Tag Cloud in conjunction with standard In-Text ads. This increase occurred almost immediately and sustained the entire 2 month period of testing. Although there were a few tiny fluctuations, the results are solid and show that Tag Cloud has a direct positive correlation on Revenue for pages implementing this feature.

Now let’s look closer at the 4 different Tag Cloud designs and their influence on Revenue Earned. Infolinks publishers have 4 beautiful Tag Cloud color schemes to choose from: Daylight, Evening, Seashore or Crystal.

As you can see color choice does not affect Revenue earned with Tag Cloud. Although there may be miniscule fluctuations, publishers can feel free to implement whichever scheme best suits their site esthetically without worrying about hurting earnings.

Tag Cloud is a fun and colorful mode to add another layer of advertising to your site while keeping its advertising contextually relevant and non-intrusive. But its benefits don’t end there.  It has proven to increase Infolinks publishers’ revenue by at least 20% – regardless of the colors of the Tag Cloud. These numbers don’t lie, and with the ease of adding such a user-friendly money-maker – with merely a click – there’s no reason to hesitate.

About Infolinks

Infolinks, established in 2007 and backed by Primera Capital, is the fastest growing In-Text advertising network. Since the company’s incorporation, over 50,000 websites worldwide have integrated Infolinks In-Text ads. Infolinks utilizes cutting-edge technology such as Hadoop, HBase and its own algorithm to guarantee its publishers receive the highest revenue.

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