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How Do I Survive My Blog

The world change around us, economy is going down, and many bloggers are facing the challenge of surviving their blogs. So, the most important question is how you will survive your blog in this crazy world?

It’s easy to start a blog, and it’s also easy to keep blogging for a while, but the more your blog the more you discover the unsexy truth about blogging.

I am not trying to upset you, but things get more complicated as time pass. In the first few months of blogging you did your best to get your blog on the track, but what comes after one year of blogging is a whole different thing. You will need a brand new plan to match the recent trends and keep your blog fresh and active in today’s world.

Anyways, don’t expect me to tell you in this post how I do survive my blog in this crazy world; this is something I won’t tell you! It’s what I would love to watch you doing it live.

Yes, it’s a Blogging Reality Show!

Don’t worry, you won’t be left behind in an isolated island, and you won’t have to face weird creatures and stuff like that.

This contest is totally different, here is what Kaisha –the organizer- said about:

This contest will be like no other in the blogosphere. I will recruit two teams of 5 bloggers. Each team will be confronted with the difficult task of building a successful blog together. They will receive training and will face many blogging challenges together.

This contest will run for about 10 weeks. At the end of each week, one team will outrank the other and the losing team will have to vote off one of their precious team mates, reducing their team’s effectiveness and reach.

By the end of the “Surviving the Blog” competition only one successful blogger will remain.

Have you got the idea?

You can put all your thoughts and ideas together and participate in the Surviving the Blog Reality contest at WeBlogBetter.com, this is going to be awesome contest and opportunity to get your voice heard by thousands of people who will watch your performance, plus boosting your blogging skills, it’s going to be an amazing learning experience.

Learn more about the Surviving the Blog competition.

Blogging Competitions are Great Source of Quality

This is why I organize contests whenever I get a chance as leverage for quality blogging and content, plus award bloggers in my network. Blogging contests are a lot of fun, so don’t miss it.

FamousBloggers is sponsoring this great contest, and I am going to link to the contest page because I am pretty sure that you will find amazing resources on how to survive your blog, it’s going to be fun.

Let’s show the blogosphere that we blog better!

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