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Why Successful Direct Sellers Love The Word “NO”

Successful direct sales consultants are persistent people who are always looking for new ways to expand their business.

When you are a professional out looking for more revenue, you tend to find opportunity in most places that other people would not expect. One of the things that direct sales consultants love to hear when they ask people questions is the answer “no.”

To the successful consultant, the word “no” is an invitation to opportunity and it is the path to yes.

The Consultant Can Correct A Wrong Idea

When a professional consultant starts talking to a new prospect, she may get a “no” answer because the prospect does not understand the concept of direct sales.

Many people have preconceived notions about what direct sales is and they use those preconceived notions to answer your questions. When you get one of those “no” answers, you must immediately ask “why?”.

Then you have one chance to convert a prospect into a client, but it’s one chance you would not have had if you did not ask.

NO Demands An Explanation

When a consultant asks a customer if that customer has ever gone to a direct sales event, the answer that he consultant is hoping for is “no.” When the customer indicates that she has never been to an event, then that is an invitation for the consultant to explain what she does and why her events are worth attending. It is a chance to give an effective 30-second sales pitch that could result in a new, repeat customer.

It Gives The Direct Sales Consultant A Chance To Learn

When a customer or prospect answers a question with a “no” there is a reason for it.

The consultant could have presented the information incorrectly, or the consultant may have given the wrong information. Professional consultants need to remember that they have a very limited amount of time to respond to a question or introduce themselves to a prospect. When the immediate answer is “no,” then the approach is wrong and the consultant needs to fix it.

Direct sales professionals talk to a lot of people in the course of a day.

If the consultant asks the same question to 10 prospects, she will probably get nine “no” responses.

Instead of letting that be a problem, the successful consultants look at every “no” as a chance to add a new customer to their business. The more NO’s you get the closer you are to a yes!

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