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The 10 Questions To Ask To Stay Happy

I’m often asked the very same question I asked my first coach when I was struggling on what to do with my life. “How do I stay happy, or at least get more connected to what makes me happy?”

It’s a simple question but we rapidly lose sight of the answer when reality gets in the way of our dreams. At the time I was asking, I was looking for more than just ways to stay connected to feeling good, I wanted to know how to gain clarity in my life, stop feeling so stuck, and how to back my own decisions for once. I’ve learnt that to lead an extraordinary life, we have to get better at asking the right questions. We need to ask intelligent questions, rather than ones loaded with fear or self-doubt.

These are the 10 questions I use every day to stay tuned into what I really want from life:

1- What do I really want?

Sounds simple, but you’ll be amazed how many people never stop to ask this. Most of us spend our whole lives doing things for others or doing things we think we should be doing. This question brings you back to the present and removes the ‘should’ so you can stay connected to your desires.

2- Why am I doing this?

It’s important to stay clear on why you’re doing what you’re doing. What are the reasons that are keeping you in your current situation? If you’re stuck at the moment, it can help you unravel your excuses for staying and work out what you need to focus on instead.

3- Who do I need to speak to?

Reaching out and connecting with new people is our most powerful and sometimes most under-used tool. If you’re thinking about switching careers or starting your own business, keep asking this question and make a goal for yourself to have a certain number of conversations with new people every week, as those conversations will often lead you to places you would have never reached on your own.

4- What do I need to know?

Tuning into your body and natural intuition is a great practice to master. We’re so used to taking orders from a boss, the concept of sitting down with our own thoughts and what we need to share with the world can be foreign. Whether you’re spiritual or not, taking time to be quiet and tune into your infinite wisdom will help you deliver surprising results.

5- Who do I want to help?

A particularly good question if you’re going into business and need to define your audience, this question was key for me when I knew the corporate world no longer suited me. Each of us benefits from having a specialism in something whether we’ve defined it yet or not and we need to get clear on that and be ready to help our ideal client once they come along, as when we’re serving and working with the right people, it will no longer feel like ‘work’.

6- What am I committed to?

When I started asking myself this question, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to commit to next but I certainly knew what I wasn’t committed to any longer where my job at the time was concerned, so this one can really help with feeling clearer about what’s important to you right now.

7- How committed am I?

Sometimes we have several things we’re thinking about forging ahead with and some of these might remain hobbies or passions for us rather than a full-blown business/career idea. This question helps you define how much of your energy you want to give to certain areas of your life so you can be honest about your next steps.

8- What is my intention today?

Intention is a powerful tool. You get to choose how your day is going to go and how it’s going to feel. When you set an intention first thing in the morning, even a simple one, it’s amazing how the rest of the day plays out and it’s certainly more fun than a to-do list that never gets finished.

9- Why am I here?

As I said before your why is your most vital truth. What do you believe in your very core you were put on this earth to do? You’re here for a reason and tapping into why you feel so passionately about going after something will be where other like-minded people connect with you, and that’s where the magic happens.

10- What makes me happy?

I didn’t ask this one for years and became all the more miserable for it. Take a moment and ask what brings you joy. You may have stopped doing all the things you love! If something in your life isn’t lighting you up, it’s time to leave it behind.

I encourage you to use these questions on a daily basis and not to worry if you don’t have the answers to them overnight, they come over time and inevitably change regularly as your values and ideas shift, that’s why it’s good to keep repeating them and getting excited about the answers.

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