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Social Media Monitoring Tool Video: How Can SMM Jumpstart Your Writing

Social Media Monitoring Tool

Social media monitoring tools: Every blogger has been there before. You have a deadline coming up at the end of the day and you need to get a post out but you don’t know what to write. So you decide to cobble together another “how to” guide on a beginner-level topic, knowing your readers will notice and a few will like your blog less for it.

But hey, at least you have that post out of the way! However, if you had used a social media monitoring tool, you could have found out what people are talking about on social media and written an article accordingly. In this Future of Engagement video by Murray Newlands, you can see how he uses social media monitoring and what it can do for you:


Social media monitoring tool: A marketer’s best friend

Marketers use social media monitoring tools even more than bloggers. They can be used to see how well an online marketing campaign is doing by looking at what people are saying about that campaign across social media channels.

That is what Newlands uses Alerti for in this episode, but he also uses it to help find things to write about. As a result, social media monitoring tools can be used by both online marketers and bloggers to better understand their audiences/customers and adjust their content/campaigns accordinly.

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