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How to use Social Media as Unlimited ideas Generator to boost your blog Organic Traffic?

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Every blogger wants fresh blogging ideas to write about them everyday but most of them find it difficult, but being a part of several Social Media sites I notice that people talk about several topics and share their opinions widely, this inspired me to keep following a few companies that promote their new products by tweeting about it from time to time, and by following these services on social media I now get updates about their new stuff and offers before others knows about it.

Following companies and services providers in your niche

This was a part of my social media planning, it’s not only to follow what ever people who talk about nothing and waste my time, the thing is I am targeting companies and service providers on my blogging niche, not only that, but I am also following some of the guys who works inside these companies, those guys so many times tweet very interesting news about their workplace, company news and new products, and for me, this is a real source for blogging ideas, and all what I have to do is to catch these flying ideas and write about them on the right time. So, while thinking about this you will need to develop your own social media plan first!

Developing a Social Media Plan

This presentation will help you on developing your own social media plan, and to decide where to go:

It’s NOT yet in the Market but it’s on my Blog

Basically, and just by checking what people are talking about in social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo answer for example, I am able to get some really good and fresh ideas to write about, specially when someone is asking a question about a new service or a product which is not yet in the market, so I used to check these Tweets and shares, and make a little internet search for the new service to collect more information about it and build my expectations for search engines results, and this helps me to decided whether to write about it or not.

What a bout Blog Traffic?

Usually, when you write about a new service or a product that is not yet in the market, your article will not show on any search results pages at the time of publishing your article, but this will happen as soon as the product is out and available in the market, and it will be your lucky day specially if people like the product, so just imagine people will search about something you already wrote about it one month back, and if your post is cashed, and optimized for search engines with the right keywords that you expect people will search by typing them, as SEO is the most important factor here to decided writing about this topic, and this will guarantee that searchers will find your article on the fist pages of search results if it’s not on the top of the page.

Catch some good idea to write about

So, stat following some companies and services providers in your niche, subscribe to their news letters, and catch some good ideas to write about on your blog.

I am sure that you have your own techniques to find fresh ideas to write about, so plz share with us some of them.

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