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How to Increase Traffic with Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking Traffic

A bookmark is simply defined as a locally stored URI (Uniform Resource Identifier). Nowadays, people who are regular web users share interesting links with others resulting in social bookmarking.

Web browsers like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox allow users to save their links or web pages as favorites or bookmarks online. Social bookmarking enables users to access all their bookmarks online even from a computer which is not theirs and their friends can find them too.

If you have a blog or own a website, social bookmarking can be a great source of generating web traffic as it allows you to share the web pages you like with the people at large.

Social bookmarking has a wide range of applications and it is useful in the field of education, health, travel, photography and profession. After advertisements and banner on a website, social bookmarking websites have become the popular source of increasing backlinks and visitors to websites.

Increase Web Traffic

Before I discuss how to increase traffic, let me tell why you need to use social bookmarking websites to bring in more visitors to your website.

Social bookmarking website can give your website or blog more visibility. People who keep checking into these websites to find interesting bookmarks can encounter your website or blog and click to view it.

There are some others who prefer to search on a bookmarking website than on search engines. Your website or blog can be interesting for these people too. Also when you bookmark your link on a website that has a high page rank, your website will rank higher on search engines bringing in more visitors to your website or blog.

Read through as I tell you how to increase traffic with social bookmarking sites.

How to increase traffic with social bookmarking sites

Bookmark Title: The title of the bookmark is a very important tool as it provokes the visitor to click and view your bookmark link. An ordinary title can go unnoticed even though you are trying to share an excellent video or article. Work on creating a catchy title that will result in a click.

Description of the bookmark: Similar to a catchy title, a meaningful description of your bookmark can help you get visitors. A brief explanation about your article containing true information can create an interest to view your article.

Content: Provide your visitors with rich content on your website or blog. A well- written original article with rich keywords attracts more visitors and tempts them to check back regularly. Avoid posting a bookmark that has junk content and get a ban from your social bookmarking website.

When you are done with excellent content on your website or blog, make it easy for your visitors to bookmark them. The best and easiest way to do this is to add bookmarking buttons of websites at the end of your article. Ready-made codes are available to add a button if you are using static HTML. If anybody likes your article, they will post it to the bookmarking website instantly.

When you have put in a lot of effort to create good content, you also need to know when to submit on the social bookmarking website. You tend to receive more responses from people on weekdays.

Bookmarking to the right category: Category plays a vital role especially when people look for bookmarks specific to a category. For instance Art, Cinema or Technology. Submit your bookmark to the right category. Even if you have the option to add more than one category, limit your submission to just to the relevant category to get the traffic.

Socialize: You can anticipate more visitors to your bookmarks when you socialize because only submission without sharing and recommending will not get you great traffic automatically. Always try sharing your own bookmarks as well as bookmarks of others as it shows a favor returned to people who have bookmarked you. Avoid spamming and post about 4-5 bookmarks a day.

Social Bookmarking Sites

A list of social bookmarking sites that may interest you:

Stumble Upon: Stumble Upon is the most popular bookmarking website in which you can find new things across the web and recommend web content to other users.

Reditt: Reditt is a social news website in which registered users can post content, and the posts that finds a place on the front page having the maximum votes gets more visibility and visitors.

Delicious: Delicious the world’s leading social bookmarking service that allows users to share and discover web bookmarks.

Digg: Digg is a social bookmarking website on which stories, videos, photos are bookmarked. Create a good profile for yourself and socialize to feature your content on the front page.

Buzzfeed: On Buzzfeed you can pass along photos, videos and links to your friends. Users can make use of the best post challenge on Fridays by sharing their best post. The website plans to promote the viral web with badges.

 Bizsugar: Bizsugar is a small business community and social media site where small businesses, entrepreneurs  discover, share and vote for business news and tips.

Tagza: Tagza.com is a Web 2.0 Social Bookmarking web site, where registered users submit their favourite links and others users can bookmark those links.

Diigo: Diigo is a social bookmarking website which allows users to bookmark, tag web pages and attach sticky notes to specific highlights or to a whole web page.

Hope these suggestions are helpful for you to get to know about bookmarking and its utilization to create backlinks and rank higher on search engines.

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