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The Smart Business Guide to Winning New Work

The Smart Business Guide

“If you are in business, then first and foremost you are a salesperson. Only after that are you a designer, writer, or whatever else it is you are doing. Selling comes before that.”

Pawel Grabowski started his book with this very interesting sentence that I’ve shared with you above! He simply succeeded to get my full attention to read, and read more! I love to read anything that will help me in managing and growing my Thesis Skins project, as it’s really important business to me.

In this post, I am going to introduce to you a very nice book by my friend Pawel Grabowski. It’s called The Smart Business Guide to Winning New Work. It’s a brand new stuff that worth reading.

Pawel is focusing on selling and how people like you and me should really consider themselves salesmen before anything else. I know that the highest paid salaries in any company -after the management salaries – are the sales department salaries!

I started to realize the importance of sales departments when I was working for companies and my position as a team manager was so close to the company management and sales department.

To explain this relationship between the company’s management, sales department and me – as a leader of a development team- we had to listen to what our sales guys had to say and what they needed from us to create. We actually create what they can sell. Salesmen have their own good point of view!

In addition to that, one very interesting thing I notice is that successful company managers consistently listen to their salesmen when planning, creating, developing, testing, and preparing the product for the market. Thit is why I call it a smart way to run a business.

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It’s great to know how to do things and how to create awesome products, but it’s totally a waste of time to create the perfect product without having the know-how to sell it! This is why you need to be a salesman to be able to grow your business and win new work and business opportunities.

Salesmen knows how to sell stuff!

Salesmen knows how to bring in the money!

Most business guides on the market tell you what you need to be successful, but they do not really how to do it.e Fortunately, the Smart Business guide will teach you all about it. I know Pawel, and I know he always does really good stuff. That’s why I don’t hesitate to share it on my blog.

Is it for me?

The Smart Business guide is for your if you are:

And, it’s ideal for you if you are thinking of setting up your own business. The book will help you on how to find new clients to sell your service or product to even if sales is not your strongest skill.

Business has it’s own basics, but business development never stops. It’s only limited by imagination.

Are you ready for success?

Business success it not easy, but you can do it if you know how!

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