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How A Simple Comment Can Turn You Into a Superhero

Simple Comment

We all love Superheroes, they have got super capabilities and powers. But is that the real reason we love them? We love them because of an internal urge to be a Superhero. Superheroes are respected and loved and we want to achieve the same cult status.

So how can you be a superhero if you are a blogger?

There are probably millions of blogs in the world but only a  few are successful. Do you aspire to be one of them? If you want to be like them, you have to do ‘what they do’.

The Internet is flooded with search engine optimization techniques and anybody who is involved in developing and maintaining a blog or a website is well aware of the fact that it is a hell of a lot of work to build a brand for your site.

Building a website is easy but building a brand requires some special efforts and skills.

More than enough has been said and written about search engine optimization and most of us are already focusing on that.

But one thing which is most understated among bloggers is ‘comments’.  Now I know you have heard about those automated comment applications which can be used to bombard entire internet with your links.

When I say comments, I mean meaningful comments which add value

Comments are an extension of the post. If they are not related to the post or just there to make a link then the fundamental purpose of the comment is lost.

As we are always after quality content for our site we often ignore the importance of commenting on other good blogs in our niche. Now having said that I don’t mean that SEO is less important or we should not focus on creating quality content for our site.

We should remember the fact that to create a website, we need organic traffic but for creating a brand, we need an engaged community. Comments can do wonders in establishing our reputation in a particular niche.

Every visitor knows that when we write a post for our site, we give it due attention and do our research but the way we behave and interact on someone else’s site shows our true character and intellectual level. And the reason is very simple, there are occupational compulsions and vested interest when you write something on your own site but when you comment on other sites, there is no vested interest so your true nature is revealed through your comments.

Other users can easily make out if you are commenting on post for links or participating in the conversation.

Therefore it is imperative to understand that you cannot escape two things if you are a blogger, one is commenting on other blogs and the other is commenting with responsibility. I have seen many webmasters leaving irresponsible comments which are either not related to the posts or of poor quality. If you are blogging but living in some isolated world where you are neither interacting with the other webmasters in your niche nor contributing to your niche’s community, then your chances of success are limited.

As we live in different parts of the world and technology has made it damn easy to interact and communicate with each other through blog and social networking platforms, it is important for us to use them to the fullest and contribute positively.

Comments are one of the best ways to achieve stardom in your niche.

You don’t have to write a 400 word article, you just have to properly read the article and leave your comment which is adding value to the post.

Your comments should not be too long, keep them short and precise. As your comments become regular, other visitors will notice you and eventually your business. As they know that you are good at that, your brand building exercise is going to be much easier than those who don’t comment.

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