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Search Engine Optimization Guaranteed To Work

There is only one kind of search engine optimization guaranteed to work —help search engines make more money. Search engines work by helping other people find what they want, so you have to produce content people want to consume, and then you have to help the search engine tell the consumers about your content.

Sound complicated? It’s not.

The Only Type Of Search Engine Optimization Guaranteed To Work

We do not really have to make SEO sound harder than it is. There are lots of search engine optimization tips on the Internet, but many of them approach optimization as a way to get the search engine to do what you want. That’s the wrong way to look at it—even if you do manage to scam the search engine, the developers will either fix the problem or a new search engine will come around.

Think about how Google became the king of search. Before Google introduced their PageRank algorithm, many sites used content stuffing to rank for extra keywords to increase incoming traffic. In short: before Google, search engines stunk. Google was able to overturn the existing market by blowing away scammers.

But the sites which helped search engines before Google also gained the most when Google appeared. Google eliminated scammers in an instant so those helpful sites were the only sites which appeared on the first results pages (that was the intention anyway).

How To Work With Search Engines

The goal of every major search engine is to make money. Obviously they are businesses that have expenses and earnings. Each search engine wants more searches, and the chief way they get more searches is by convincing people to use them instead of their competitors.

There are some niche search engines, but the biggest search engines —Google and Bing— both try to convince people their search is better because their results are more useful.

So search engines make money by showing the most useful results.

That means if you want search engine optimization guaranteed to work you need to do two things:

  1. Publish useful content.
  2. Help the search engine find, index, and correctly categorize your useful content.

This is my most basic way to explain search engine optimization guaranteed to work for you. Think about it. You have awesome content and now you just need the search engines to find it, so you help out a bit.

How To Ensure Search Engine Optimization Guaranteed Content

Everyone creates content in their own way—but to ensure you create useful content, make sure it’s something good enough that you’d use it yourself.

To help the search engine find your content, use the basic search engine optimization techniques recommended by everyone:

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