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Review of SellFire – Affiliate Data Feeds and Online Store Made Easy

SellFire Review

One of the most exciting features of any affiliate network is the ability to provide affiliate data feeds to their affiliates, which makes it easy to pull all products from specific catalogs and customize an online store in no time and with less effort. So, what about building your online store and adding several products from different affiliate networks?

Update: Unfortunately, it looks like SellFire has gone, they are no longer in business. If you are looking for a data feed service or plugins for WordPress, then check out DataFeedr.

That was a really hard job in the past, especially that it takes a lot of time, programming and it requires some design skills to professionally build an online store, and actually be able to promote products from a couple of affiliate networks.

Today, and with SellFire’s help, it takes only a few minutes to build your next big online store online. I am talking here about smartly adding Millions of relevant products from different affiliate networks to your store.

I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true! And, you -absolutely- can do it!

Let’s get started by Knowing SellFire

SellFire is an affiliate store builder service that helps affiliates increase their commissions by creating professional looking and fully customized online stores using millions of products from thousands of merchants. Working with affiliate data feeds is easier with SellFire.

With SellFire’s powerful search engine, you will be able to find products to promote. And, by using the “In Store” search feature which is available for professional members, you can easily add a product search bar right into your blog above every SellFire store to allow your site visitors to get better results -that is customized by you- when they search for products. And, of course these products will be linked to your affiliate links.

Another good thing about SellFire that they offer an Affiliate Data Feed API that allows developers and the more technical minded affiliates to do a lot more of magic.

So, if you are an affiliate marketer, a WordPress lover, and looking for opportunities and ways to increase your affiliate earnings, then keep reading my SellFire review to know all about it, I am sure it will get your interest.

In order to use SellFire and create your first online store, you need to link your affiliate network accounts. For example:

Affiliate Networks

It takes a couple of minutes to setup your account, once you are done with that, you can start customizing your online store.

WordPress Affiliate Store Builder plugin

In addition to use code to embed SellFire’s store to your site, you should check out their new WordPress Affiliate Store Builder plugin, which makes it easy to integrate an amazing store to your WordPress blog and simply make the most out of it. We are talking here about taking advantage of all WordPress features.

And, if you are wondering about design, I must say don’t worry about it, the Affiliate Store Builder plugin work nicely with any WordPress theme that you might be using.

Click here to download the Affiliate Store Builder plugin.

SellFire Online Store Examples

Here is a couple of screenshots as a SellFire online store example:

SellFire store example 1

SellFire store example 2

I’ve tested the WordPress Affiliate Store Builder plugin on one of my test sites to see how it works, and because I am considering using this plugin in the future to develop some online stores of my own, or maybe use it in my design and development projects.

It would be interesting to come up with a new Thesis Theme Skin that make use of this plugin and help internet marketers to build amazing affiliate sites.

How to create Affiliate Deals Store with SellFire

Another fantastic feature of SellFire is the AutoSearch that allows you to automatically populate a store with products, this gives you a control over including products that are current being discounted (you can set the discount percentage to whatever you like). So that’s an awesome way to create an affiliate deals store.

When the affiliate data feed updates and products are no longer on sale, you actually don’t have to worry about it because your store will be updated automatically. This keeps your affiliate deals store up to date.

Watch the video below to learn how to build an affiliate deals store with SellFire:

Store and Product Monitoring with SellFire

SellFire provides around the clock store monitoring and reporting, so you can focus on managing your site without having to worry about problems that could happen if you are by your own. For example, ensure that all products in your stores are still available to be promoted, product images are loading properly, all products are pointing to a landing page with a valid link, and the landing page for each product is promoting the same product as your website.

SellFire dose link testing, so it will alert you when there is a problem, and will also provide the tools to enable you to continually get more out of your affiliate store.

Extensive product catalog

SellFire integrated with over 2000 merchants, and have nearly 40 million products that you can promote on your affiliate sites.

So, if you are looking for an easy way to build an online store as an affiliate,  SellFire should be a good option for you. I personally would love to build a store on one of my sites, I’ve been trying to find the best tool that works smoothly with WordPress as my best CMS, I’ve tried several other ways, tools, and plugins, but didn’t really make any progress. And, finally I got my hands on SellFire, which I think is simply amazing.

I recommend you give SellFire.com a go and see how creating an online store using their service can help your business, the good thing is you can create up to three stores using their basic Free membership, and in all cases you keep 100% of your commissions.

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