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Couple of weeks back, I had a great connection through Twitter with David Spinks the community manager of Scribnia.com and somehow we decided to extend our relationship and take it to another level of cooperation between our communities.

Because Scribnia and FamousBloggers are working on the same path, and having the same goals to serve the online blogging community, we became friends. Scribnia helped us to setup this awesome Famous Bloggers page.

What is Scribnia?

Scribnia.com is a Blog Directory and Blogging Community built around online authors, Scribnia is the source for people’s opinions about bloggers, columnists, reporters, and other writers whose work is available online. it’s a great place that highlight bloggers and writers by giving them extra exposure while they get reviews from other members of the community and ranked professionally in the network which give them more power and chances to grow their online business. This will help you to be found!

What’s the Benefit of Joining Scribnia?

Any successful blogger or a writer will try to find a way to get more exposure for his work, this is why joining a blogging community or a network is great way. Scribnia is a blog directory where you can list your blog and make it easy for other members to review it and get good rank to enhance your listing, this will help you to be found by people who are looking to hire writers and bloggers.

There is two main options to participate at Scribnia, the first one is to list yourself as a writer/blogger which gives you a profile page that allows other to review your work. The other options is to list your blog/site as a Publication, you can also recommend other writers and Publication to the community.

Last week I was searching Google to see what’s up, I found that my Scribnia page jumped on the first page of the search results as you can see below, this means it’s a very powerful site because it simply can compete with my other profiles, and this is actually happening with all our blog team. Wow! it’s great to be discovered on search engines as great writer.

It’s a nice way for others to find you online through your Scribnia page because they will read great reviews about you which gives a lot of credibility to your work as Scribnia is the source for people’s opinions about bloggers, so basically your rank as a writers doesn’t relay on traffic or incoming links, but on the feedback and opinions of readers like you.

After creating your Scribnia account and getting approved by their team, you will be able to review and connect with other bloggers and writers in your niche and other niches as well, more connections and amazing relationships can be built of being part of the network. Scribnia is very close to Linkedin, but more focused on writers and bloggers.

Adding the Scribnia widget to your blog is the perfect way to communicate with your readers, we have added the widget on our sidebar and planning to keep it while we running our amazing blogging contest to let everybody knows that we are part of Scribnia community. This is how they can reach our page quickly to add a review. the good thing is there is several platforms of the widget so we will be able to switch between them

Are we missing someone at Scribnia?

Yes! We are missing you, so go a head and register to Scribnia, fill your information and let Scribnia validate and verify your account and join the best community for writers. Follow David Spinks on Twitter @Scribnia or his personal account @davidspinks he is a very nice and helpful guy, ask him about what ever you need by a simple tweet and he will respond to you immediately to help you out!

Don’t forget to review us and our blogging team by visiting our Famous Bloggers on Scribnia page.

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