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What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #12 with David Trounce

Continuing our “What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup” series, we are introducing you to David Trounce in our feature today.

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As you know, the purpose of this series is to “introduce bloggers to their peers in the blogosphere and offer new opportunities to make friends, build collaborations, and get more traffic for your own blog.” Famous Bloggers Roundup #12 continues that “What’s Up, Bloggers!” series by featuring Mr. David Trounce.

Introducing David Trounce

David is a small business consultant and the founder of Mallee Blue Media – a Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency based in Australia. David writes for Search Engine Journal (SEJ) and Business.com and when not working, he can be found under water or behind a book. (That sounds fun!)

Suggested Advancement Idea for Bloggers

We interrupt this interview to share a few blogger tools, services, ideas, etc. with our famous bloggers. (And, if you are not famous yet, maybe one of these tools or ideas will help you get there!)

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One tool that has come to our attention is the people finder tool that is available at CheckThem.

You all know what it is like to do research for your next big blog post, right? Well, what if you have to find a person? What if you want to find out what your former mentor is doing or where some of your old friends are living? Ok, this tool may help you do more than just the blogging research, but it is likely to help you in ways that go beyond just the plain old research. You would be able to find prospects for interviews, both the video and the written type. The sky is the limit, but this is a research tool that you will want to add to your arsenal.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of deals that our Famous Bloggers Proprietor, Hesham Zebida, brings your way, with his wonderful schema software!

Back to our Famous Blogger, David Trounce…

Some of David Trounce’s Accomplishments

David is the brains behind “Chunk Up Marketing,” an organic form of Content Marketing built upon the presuppositions of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) of which David is a certified practitioner in Australia. Here are two references to work he has done in that area:

“The great thing about this form of marketing”, says David, “is that it’s a tool that most small business owners and entrepreneurs can implement themselves at their own pace. It’s an organic, long-term marketing strategy that builds authority for new brands and results in excellent search engine optimization.”

Featured Content from David Trounce

David Trounce’s Aspirations (and some Inspiration!)

The current project that David is working on is working with a friend to set up a free entrepreneur community in Cork, Ireland. According to David, there will be frequent networking events in local pubs, brainstorming sessions, and training via webinars and weekend workshops (including one-on-one training).

David is currently working as an SEO Consultant to Beauty Advisor, a new start-up in the cosmetic beauty space. His agency is also developing a number of new WordPress web design and web security and management services for small business which will be released later in 2017.

“Our focus has always been small business and will continue to be our focus into the future. We love providing site marketing and management services that enable small business to elbow in on the big boys when it comes to search engine results,” says David.

Finding David Trounce on the Internet and Social Networks

Wrapping Up the RoundUp/Feature

There you have it, another “episode” in our What’s Up, Bloggers! series, introducing you to bloggers you haven’t met before whose articles, research, experiments, advice, and opinions that will give you new opportunities to make friends, build collaborations, and get more traffic for your own blog. (Soon, we won’t be calling it “new” anymore!) Don’t forget to go introduce yourself to David, and say hello from all of us here at Famous Bloggers!

Thanks for reading (and sharing)!

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