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Responsive Designs Boost Clients’ Morale

More than anything else responsive design puts emphasis on business aspects. No longer can you define it as a designing or implementation problem.

Primarily, it focuses on the designing aspects where developers, designers, content specialists or people are involved with it.

Traditional Workflow

Plan, design, develop and deploy are traditional forms while executing a responsive design. In responsive design, the plan stage includes the content details, user issues, requirements or wireframes.

On the other hand, design concept comprises creative activities like graphic, layout designs and much more. For any visual designer, static design elements are useful to convey creative ideas.

Development plays a crucial role for front-end engineers. It’s been found that engineers hardly interact with designers as both prefer to work separately. The last pertains to deployment that elaborates the concept of web design processes.

In short, the entire process of developing, designing, testing, refining or redesigning works in tandem with each other.

Device and Design Testing

One should take the initiative to test his/her designs on smartphones or tablets. In fact, this will enable them to have access to numerous devices. Remember there is a huge distinction between what we refer to as device testing or design testing.  What matters most for designers is the use of smartphones. Technically speaking, these gadgets work on a particular type of model.

Responsive Design Benefits

Tread cautiously and introspect carefully so that you benefit from a profitable venture especially if you have a responsive design. If your company earns huge revenue in terms of feedback and gets response from clients or customers, it would grow manifold.

However, there are other companies that focus primarily on static design visuals. They consider Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop effective to deliver static visuals. On the other hand, responsive template works wonders for these clients.

Both the development and design teams must regroup their efforts. Primarily, the job lies with visual designers who need to learn the most.

Involve Clients

Bygones are bygones and don’t cry over split milk. Often, we have heard many projects which fail to meet the clients’ expectations as developers and designers aren’t willing to co-operate over anything.

Indeed, this could lead to frustration. Hence, it is important for designers and developers to focus all their energies so that they complete a respective project in a stipulated time. Traditional media is important when it comes to visual designs or static wireframes. It basically relies on using drawing tools like Fireworks and Photoshop.

Clients’ Satisfaction Need Of the Hour

Clients are curious to get involved in every design aspect. They want to make their presence felt by offering suggestions. Sometimes, designers find it awkward and think that clients are crazy. Here I have listed some points in order to understand the reality —

Avoid emailing website snaps to clients. Don’t ask for clients’ thoughts. In a lighter vein, don’t upload static visuals and expect feedback of how you can receive them in the first place.

Things may frustrate you if clients keep you waiting on a particular project. However, keep them involved especially when it comes to design aspects.

Set up an environment so that you get structured feedback. You could even ban inappropriate data you receive by email or phone. Your suggestions should be more face to face and thus limited to design aspects.

As a designer, you should own responsibility in helping your clients solve their problems. Never underestimate yourself, but more than that you should concentrate more on your skills, role and influence in the designing process.

Remember, you can set your own rules and help your company create an excellent design.

Summing Up…

Project a website with eye-catching frames or visuals in order to grab your clients’ attention. I am sure responsive designs will help you amass a fortune and serve both your and your clients’ interests. This article has outlined many factors how to keep clients smiling when it comes to responsive designs and whether static designs are useful in running any enterprise. Hope it will lift your spirits; looking forward for your feedback…

Editor note: This post has been published before at topdesignmag.com.

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