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In the Modern Economy, Money is a medium of exchange, a unit of account and a way of storing value. What all these definitions mean is that money is what you need to pay for a product or service to acquire it. However, on the other side of money, there is a service or product that actually gives you the opportunity to convert your product or service to money.

It is not the money, but your services and skills that can earn you money. So what is the point here?

The point is that service and skill are the kinds of things that can’t be finished, lost or stolen. What you know and what you have learned can also be exchanged with other users. How?

For example, say you are a PHP Developer and you need an internet marketer to work on your eCommerce website to promote it.

Both users can pay each other via their skills instead of cash.

Now the question is, where can you find a user who has the skill you need, and at the same time needs a skill that you have?

QuickHaggle – A Modern Online Exchange Community

Here comes Quickhaggle.com, where you can find someone who can exchange with you. It is a user based community where people can exchange anything. Post an offer and get replies from other users who are interested in getting your service, skill or even product in exchange for what you need.

At QuickHaggle, you don’t need to pay cash to someone; instead you can use your skills or services to pay other users. Of course users can haggle for the terms. For example, if one of the user’s service is more expensive than the other’s, both can agree on paying for the price difference.

What are the advantages of trading skills and services?

I know there are some limitations to the barter system, for example finding the exact person, evaluating each other’s skill or service value and time factors.

However, you can always haggle and define the terms before the exchange deal is made. At difficult times, you can find someone to pay via skill or service, thus you save money. Let me add a few more examples so that you can understand how a modern barter system can work for you.

This is how a modern barter system can help you by eliminating the “money” and introducing a new form of payment— a form of payment which can actually get you more work, more clients and more exposure. The only thing you are paying is “time,” and of course in modern society “time” is considered “money.”

Money itself has no value, but the products that can be purchased have given a value to it, and that is why it is acceptable in all parts of society. It provides convenience to the user by giving them the ability to acquire anything they need in less time.

However, in the modern era people have different skills and services, but they can’t find work (especially the newbies). Those who are unable to find work can easily find work through QuickHaggle.com and can get the services and skills of others without paying in terms of money.

It doesn’t matter if you have no money. If you have a particular service or skill you still are the richest person in this world. It is that you need a person with whom you can exchange with. So what are you waiting for, access the community and post your first offer.

Website:- http://www.quickhaggle.com

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