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Talent Bloggers Program

Quanik is a team of passionate professionals who strive hard to educate people about the value of self-employment. We aren’t here to make money, rather we are here to educate people and guide them to do what they want. At Quanik, we inspire people and dig up their interpersonal qualities to make their own living. Quanik is a non-profit organization and we run this only from our own hands.

Currently, Quanik is conducting a Talent Bloggers Program. Soon, many more programs will be added, and we are working in full force to make a better one.

What is Talent Bloggers Program?

Quanik Talent Bloggers Program

This is a special project where  the Quanik team offers free domain and hosting for the bloggers who has the talent and the real need. The domain and the web hosting will be valid for a year. After 1 year the domain can be transferred from the team to their own name. We not only provide hosting and domain, we also guide the newbies on how to become successful in blogging.

When it comes to earnings for the user? We openly allow them to use their own Ad programs. Quanik won’t ask for any share. Whatever the bloggers earn is up to them.

Why we are organizing this Campaign

Blogging is a place where you share what you see and what you think. More than a career, it’s a passion. But to become a successful blogger, there are many hurdles to be faced. So at Quanik, we guide you to make the most out of blogging by minimizing the risk factor.

How we select the applicants

Quanik is accepting international applicants from all over the world. We have certain rules for acceptance in the talent bloggers program. Currently, we provide hosting accounts and domains to 10 users on a monthly basis. The user limit will be increased depending on the growth and requirements.

Following are the Terms and Conditions

  1. You should not own any web hosting or top level domain (.com, .net etc.,)
  2. You must provide your valid blog URL. Your blog must be at least 2 months old to become eligible for talent bloggers program
  3. You must have a valid social profile like FB, Twitter or any other
  4. You must clearly state your interests towards blogging
  5. You must clearly mention your blog niche.
  6. No porn or Adult stuff is allowed
  7. Copying contents from other blogs must be avoided
  8. Provided blog must be updated on regular basis.
  9. The domain ownership will be with Quanik for the first year. After one year, you can get the domain transferred from us.
  10. There is no restriction for your earnings; you can use your advertising network to make money for your work. We don’t ask for any revenue sharing.
  11. Only files related to blog must be uploaded to server. Unnecessary files should not be uploaded.
  12. Since we offer free domain and hosting. If we found any misuse of domain or web hosting you will be banned from Quanik
  13. You must add “Powered by Quanik” Text link to the footer and it should not be removed at any cost till the completion of first year.
  14. If your application is rejected, you can re-apply for the next month

*Terms and conditions are subject to change


If your blog doesn’t match these criteria, but you are passionate about blogging, you can mail us at  [info] @ [quanik.com]

Sign up Link for Talent Bloggers : http://quanik.com/talentbloggers.html

Quanik Home Page : http://quanik.com

If you wanna sponsor our programs please get in touch with us at http://quanik.com/contact.html

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