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ProBlogger is out of the Competition

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I have just received a very a very good news, finally Problogger.net is out of the blogging competition, it has been acquired by Google, and Darren Rowse has received his contract, and probably he is going on vacation for a few weeks before he start working on his new blog series “331 days to Build an Even Better Blog“, specially after the great success of his 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. Well done Darren and I wish you good luck with your new projects.

This is great news!

Here is what has been published about it:

MELBOURNE, Australia. (April 1, 2010) – ProBlogger, the web’s #1 Blog Tips site, today announced that it has been acquired by Google

“Blogging continues to grow in popularity, not only for personal use but by entrepreneurs and businesses around the world. Once seen as a ‘fools game’ – blogging has now grown up.” said a Google representative today

What a fantastic news on the beginning of April, finally Problogger.net is out of the competition and became a Blogging School, and we don’t have to worry about competing with Darren Rowse anymore, I wish that Google buys all blogs on top of FamousBloggers.net to clear the way, so we can became the number one on blogging with out having to blog for the next six years!

I was actually shocked because I just wake up now, and I still can not open my eyes, and just sow this tweet by john Haydon saying that “ProBlogger Acquired by Google”, I thought I am reading well, still kind of dizzy, but so excited because we don’t have to spend long days and nights blogging hard, we don’t have to compete with other blogs again, but other blogs will work hard to compete with us!

Now the blogging competition is between You and Me 🙂

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