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How to Prevent the Heinous Crime of Drive By Commentary

Blogging Crime

I have noticed a blogging crime that disgusts me:

Comment Drive-By’s.

“Great post!!” “Nice Blog!!!” “I Like It!!!!”

Comment Drive-By’s add zero value to a post. Your blog is your cyber real-estate. A CDB is like a cyber-squatter doing their “business” on your blog.

Here’s how to prevent the act of Comment Drive-By’s.

Set An Intent Before Commentating

Why are you commentating? To get backlinks? To drive traffic to your blog? To add value to the blog post?

The proof is in the comment. Two word comments scream “this is all about me.” Meaning you want something from the blog. You want to get without giving.

It doesn’t work that way. Getting before you give is the unnatural way to live and it always backfires. How many people do you intend to attract with “Great Post!!!” comments?

Set an intent to add value to the post. Write this down on a piece of paper and place beside your computer. Be helpful. Be a co-author.

Be Mindful – Get On The Clock

After setting a pure intent to add value, chances are your mind races ahead 1000 miles a minute. You have so many things to do. The intent dies and you’re back in comment drive by mode.

Be mindful. Take a deep breath. Read the entire post and leave a thoughtful comment.

Be where you are. Don’t think about the next post you want to read. Don’t think about the next comment you want to make. Be here and now.

Time yourself. When finished reading, set aside at least 5 minutes to comment. This forces you to be mindful.

Write A Mini Guest Post

Your Turn


How do you prevent comment drive-by’s?

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