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PressTrends provides trends and analytics for how people use and interact with WordPress. I always wanted to try it, but there was chance as PressTrends was actually in a closed beta. The good news PressTrends is out of closed beta now and it’s ready for the public, and it’s Free to use. So I decided to check it out, especially that they have released a new WordPress plugin, which made things pretty much easy.

You can download the PressTrends plugin from WordPress plugins directory and check out how your blog is compared to other blogs in the community, it’s interesting to know what PressTrends got to say about your blog!

P.S. When I say community here, I mean all blogs that are using PressTrends API, not all WordPress blogs.

PressTrends on FamousBloggers

I’ve tested the plugin on my test blog that has only 6 blog posts, of course the PressTrends was shows a disaster 🙂 So, I’ve installed the plugin on FamousBloggers.net, and here what I’ve got:

PressTrends - Get powerful trends and insights

This service is still new, I think that’s why my blog is doing a fantastic job and it has a great performance against other blogs in the community. However, I am sure that PressTrends will grow, and these trends and insights will change over time, so it’s kind of interesting to see how FamousBloggers.net will perform in the coming a few months, and I will be glad to share new stats with our blog readers.

Things I would like to see in PressTrends development

The PressTrends plugin is pretty simple, so maybe a dashboard widget is something I would like to have.

And, just to let you know, PressTrends is actually serving two communities, bloggers and theme developers, it also help theme developers as it allows them to track usage across different metrics for better insights, and to learn how their themes are being managed, this can be done by integrating PressTrends API into the theme, this could be useful for Theme developers.

However, I think that if you are a Theme developers, and you want to integrate this service into your theme, you should explain it well to your user, and at least include an option for theme users to accept tracking as some people won’t be interested in getting their blogs stats tracked by anyone.

Things doesn’t end here, there a lot more to know about PressTrends.

Think about it as a way of motivation!

Good job!

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