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3 Ways to Use Pokemon Go to Market Your Business

Pokemon Go to Market Your Business

One of the true pop culture phenomena of 2016, Pokemon Go really seems to be everywhere—an impressive achievement for a brand that is by no means new. Actually, the first Pokemon video games came out in the late 1990s; since that time the franchise has seen countless sequels, a TV cartoon, feature films, and even a popular trading card game

Just when it seemed like Poke-mania had gone for good, Nintendo unveiled a new mobile game—Pokemon Go—which has truly taken the world by storm.

In addition to good, clean fun, Pokemon Go also presents some unique opportunities for marketing your business. Let us explain just a few of the ways in which your brand can benefit from Pokemon Go.

You Can Blog About It

Your company may not have anything to do with mobile games, but that doesn’t mean you can’t write a blog post that leverages Poke-mania to your advantage. For an example of what we’re talking about, check out this post from an used car blog.

Normally, Get My Auto blogs exclusively about used cars and trucks—but in a timely blog post, the company provided some cautions about playing Pokemon Go behind the wheel.

This post was on-topic and actionable, yet it also captured some of the interest surrounding the Pokemon game; all in all, it showed how Pokemon can be useful fodder for a hot topic blog post.

You Can Create a Press Release About It

Similarly, you can send out a press release that relates to your business but also connects to the fandom for Pokemon Go. Again, just think of the Get My Auto example; a press release, urging motorists not to play the game while they drive, could be both on-message and linked in to the Pokemon obsession.

You Can Make Your Business a Pokemon Hotspot

For those who may not know how the game works, the gist of it is this: Players actually have to visit different real-world locales to find and catch different Pokemon creatures. So, if there were some special Pokemon lurking in your place of business, that might certainly bring foot traffic.

The good news is, it is more than possible to turn your place of business into a Pokemon hotspot. You’ll need to investigate the process of “luring” Pokemon to your business, but, luckily, you’ll find that this does not require too great a marketing spend—in some cases as little as $1 per lure.

Clearly, Pokeomon Go is more than just frivolous fun. It’s a real opportunity for your business—so don’t delay in studying up on this phenomenon, and seeing how you can connect it to your brand.

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