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3 Simple Tips to Mix Blogging and Personal Development

Personal Development

Are you struggling to make money online with your blog? You are ignoring personal development.

You can work until you collapse. If you ignore personal development – time spent away from the computer working on your mental tools – you will fail. Why? Your outside world is a reflection of your predominant vibration.

This means that how you choose to think and feel most of the time creates your reality.

It makes perfect sense to integrate personal development into your blogging strategy to optimize your results. As within so without. If you can hone your mental tools you attract the physical tools to manifest your dreams.

The blog post containing just the information you needed pops up on your screen, after you visit your new friend’s profile. Or you attract the idea to jazz up your sidebar. All these neat things happen if your inner world is clear….if you spend time engaged in serious, persistent self help.

Personal Development and Blogging

Tip 1 – Take Hourly Breaks

Take 5 minute breaks each hour from your blogging duties. Watch your feelings. Sit in a quiet room and observe. Do you feel desperate or worried? Well… Acting on these feelings will motivate you to spam or scam your way to a few measely bucks… and of course karma will smack you upside the head down the road. At best, you will write crappy blog posts, non-impacting comments and hurry your way through another mediocre day.

If you feel stressed during these breaks slow down your breathing. Calm down. Do not hop online until you feel calm. The quality of your work improves quickly if you maintain a calm, confident, peaceful air about your work. No more mental hurry, no more destructive acts like spamming or scamming. Nope, you will simply create helpful blog posts and network with high energy blogging leaders when calm and confident.

Tip 2 – Visualize Your Goals

I found myself struggling to attract folks to my squeeze page (which I link directly to from my blog).

Then this statement hit me: to be it you have to see it. Meaning to be a person of success you need to see yourself as a person of success, achieving successful results.

So I visualized my desired squeeze page metrics. I opened my backoffice. Check the daily stats. Saw a whopping large number. Then… creative ideas hit me quickly. The little intuitive nudges: promote the twitter content syndication tribe you’re a part of… aggressively! So I hopped on it.

Then I overhauled my squeeze page. And my blog. I simply listened to guidance. Sure enough, my metrics increased quickly. Because I acted in inspiration I received ideas after visualizing. You will likely receive inspirational ideas to make your dreams come true after visualization sessions. Gotta act on them.

Tip 3 – Step Away from the Laptop

You better not go near your laptop until you complete 1 hour of personal development daily. First thing in the morning. You need to get your mental tools right before starting the work day. Trust me, your day will go uber smoothly compared to the panicked, desperate failing masses of bloggers who ignore personal development entirely.

Ideas: Meditate for 20 minutes, speak your gratitude list out loud for 10 minutes, visualize for 20 minutes, affirm for 20 minutes. Just a few tips to get you on track.

Or you can read books like “The Science of Getting Rich” or “Think and Grow Rich” AND practice what they preach. Because reading a self-help book without practicing what it preaches offers you entertainment value only.

Mixing Blogging and Personal Development – Summary

Take frequent breaks to align yourself. Visualize your blogging goals. Spend 1 hour a day on personal development.

How do you mix blogging with personal development?

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