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OptimizePress Theme Squeeze Pages Templates

OptimizePress Squeeze Pages Templates

Here is another example of OptimizePress Squeeze Pages, I really didn’t spend a lot of to time tweaking it, I just wanted to show you what can be done using WordPress and OptimizePress theme as one of the most intelligent way to create professional looking landing pages, opt-in pages, and squeeze pages to market and sell your products online. I’ve created 7 pages using OptimizePress squeeze page features and some images, and I must say that I am in love with this amazing Theme for WordPress that help you to sell your products perfectly.

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OptimizePress Squeeze Pages:

Optimizepress Squeeze Page Demo
Optimizepress Squeeze Page Example
Optimizepress Theme Squeeze Page for WordPress

This is only an example of what you can do using WordPress and OptimizePress theme, I sometimes think there is not a limitation to your imagination if you picked the right squeeze template and added to it a few relevant videos and images to your product, or just keep things simple and straight to the point using OptimizePress minimal squeeze page template.

View Template Gallery

There is another cool addition that I like so much, which is the OptimizePress template viewer, it’s an option inside your WordPress dashboard where you create your pages, it allows you to display and view Optimize Press template gallery, so you will help you to pick your page design template by knowing how it will look like, this clear the confusion as there is actually too many templates to choose from.

Excellent Support and Full Training Dashboard

You don’t have to worry at all, James Dyson – the creator- and the OptimizePress Team are giving excellent support, so nothing is going to be difficult especially after the amazing training videos they provide for OptimizePress that takes you through a simple and very clear step by step process. The cool thing is you can add a comment on all videos and tutorials pages if you have any questions or concerns then just ask, James is very active and he will respond to you.

I’ve actually created these demos following the videos, and to to make it easy for me I watched the whole video first, then go through it again by hitting the play button then stop the video after each step, this to guarantee I won’t forget anything, it was really easy!

In my opinion, OptimizePress is a good product, and it’s a must have for anyone who is planning to sell product online, and even if you haven’t created your product yet, I still recommend you Get OptimizePress today before it’s price increase like any other good product, I usually don’t get excited about anything unless I am really sure of what I am talking about, so trust me on this and make a good decision today by adding it to your library tools, I am sure you will thank me latter!

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