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Open Source Textbooks – New Paradigm is Beginning to Emerge [Infographic]

Open Source Textbooks

College students are more burdened by higher education costs than ever before. Tuition is at an all-time high and continues to skyrocket, making it more and more difficult to get a diploma without incurring serious debt. The incredibly unaffordable cost of textbooks just adds insult to injury. With textbook publishers holding a virtual monopoly in the market, students often have little choice in the matter.

[box type=”info”]Did you know that the average student pays $900 per year for textbooks?[/box]

Luckily, a new paradigm is beginning to emerge: open textbooks. They are giving students the option of print or free digital copies. Costs drop precipitously.

Open Source Textbooks Infographic

Infographics Illustrate Completed Data through Graphics, it help us to see more clear and imagine the whole thing!

Open Source Textbooks Infographic

Source: OnlineSchools.org

The only problem is

[box type=”important”]Textbook companies don’t want them on the market![/box]

OnlineSchools.org created this infographic that covers the movement to get more open textbooks on the market, share it if you like it!

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