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Online Branding: Are Your Social Media Profiles Consistent?

One of the greatest keys to successful online branding is consistency across your social media profiles. If you want your brand to be widely recognized, it’s important to make sure that you are consistent in your profiles.

You want someone who sees you on Twitter to recognize you when she or he is looking for interesting people to follow on Pinterest. You want your brand to be consistent so that it is recognizable, no matter where someone chooses to engage you.

Use the Same Avatar

The image associated with your brand should be consistent across social media profiles. Use the same image for your avatar on all accounts. If you are using your logo, use the same version of your logo. If you want to push yourself as the face of your brand, have professional head shots taken, and then use the same head shot for each of your social media accounts.

Your brand’s avatar is probably going to be the most recognizable thing about you online, and you want to make sure that visitors know that they are dealing with the same person, and that they can follow you on multiple social media web sites.

Choose a Consistent Profile Description

While you might not want to use the same words with all of your profile descriptions, you do want the same basic info included. You can also try different variations of brand-related keywords in each profile. However, the information presented should be the same. You want people to get the same feel for each profile. Don’t forget to consider brand-related keywords and information in the bios that you use for the bottom of guest posts.

Your profile name should be the same, whether you are on Facebook or Google Plus, and you should use that name as your byline for guest posts. That way, you can start building your credibility under your name, and expand your brand. When you have the same name and the same basic info (but perhaps worded differently), you become recognizable. Your pervasiveness will be seen by others, and it will increase your stock as an expert.

Be Genuine

One of the most important things you can do for your online branding efforts is to be sincere and genuine. Don’t be someone different on each social media profile. One of the keys with social media and online branding is to make sure that you come across as “real.”

This is also important, since you might end up meeting people outside of the online realm. You want people to recognize you and your brand no matter where you go. Trying to be someone different online, or different across social media profiles, can backfire in a big way. If you are perceived as “fake,” then it can be difficult to build trust with customers and clients.

When you are consistent and genuine with your online branding and social media efforts, you will be more likely to build a loyal following on social media, and improve your overall image… which can lead to success down the road.

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