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How Old School Bloggers Can Incorporate That New School Blogging Mentality

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There have been a lot of bloggers over the years. I have known some that have been blogging since the late 1990s, before a lot of content management systems were available. These are the people that are known as “old school bloggers.” These people started in a time where the Internet was fresh and concepts like a web log were brand new. That and Yahoo! glitching majorly in their chat applets. 😉

A lot of these bloggers and site owners had pretty interesting sites, but eventually whether it was money, or time constraints, they let their site die, never to be seen again. Some even have websites that have not been updated in nearly a decade. That is a scary thought for someone like myself who has been blogging for a long time.

So, how can an old school blogger revive their site and adopt the mentality of the new school blogger of today?

1. If your site is not what you want it to be, change it!

It is understandable that people do change their minds and sometimes that means that your site is not conveying the point you want it to. This is where you sit down and brainstorm what you want your site to be about, who you want to reach, and how are you going to make that happen.

2. Know your competition.

If you want to your site to succeed, you will need to check out other sites that are in your niche. You will want to take notes on how your opinion differs and how you can provide valuable yet unique content. These are also the people you might want to connect with, which leads to number 3 on this article.

3. Connect with people who have interests in your niche.

These people will be able to provide a nice support system. It is also a way for you to support them. They are the ones that you will visit or the ones that will leave feedback on your website. This creates a unique community that is a win-win situation for all involved.

4. Be open to change.

Technology is advancing rapidly, especially with the Internet. No one will negate this truth. Because there are so many things to learn, it is important to be open to learning new techniques, whether it is search engine optimization, social media marketing, or even web design. Being close-minded to these changes will only hurt.

Although your business might be your pride and joy, taking advice from people who could possibly make you more money makes sense. Listen to them! Some of these people offer free advice, like here at Famous Bloggers. 🙂

5. Be a “Go Getter.”

Be excited to share your knowledge or product with others. Encourage conversation. Have fun and let people see it. They will see a successful person who is determined to get ahead.

Are you an old school blogger? How have you adopted the new ways? What can you suggest to other old school bloggers trying to find that second wind?

Are you a new school blogger? What advice would you have for old school bloggers that you have seen? What errors have they made that you could kindly suggest in order to help them improve their websites?

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