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Obama’s Staff Using Twitter Influence to Turn Out the Vote via Mass DMs

Twitter Influence to Turn Out the Vote

The 2012 elections is heating up, and only a few days left for the big day. I am not involved that much in politics, but -like everyone else- I like to keep up with news when I get a chance to know what’s going on.

It’s obvious that Obama’s campagin is so active online, especially on social media sites, it looks like Obama is Dominating Mitt Romney on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

I personally have got a direct a message -couple of hours ago- on Twitter from Obama’s Staff asking  me to use my influence to to turn out the vote, which I found a little strange and funny at the same time.

Using Social Media to Turn Out the Vote

For a second I thought that this is really stupid action, I mean why they sent me a Twitter DM asking “me” to use my Twitter influence to help turn out the vote, I am not even an American Citizen, so how my support counts?

Then, I figure out that this must be a mass direct message that they sent to all people who are following their account on Twitter, so basically they don’t know I am not an America Citizen, but well.. The fact that they haven’t actually asked me to “Vote” made me think this is really smart message, and an eye opening!

Is it really smart message?

Participating in the American Presidential election is not limited to only Americans (participating hear doesn’t mean voting) it’s possible that residents of the country can effect the elections, it even goes way more beyond that to include everyone who has social media influence on any part of the World.

I may not be a Citizen, but I still can choose/help deciding the coming President of the United States. (just a though!)

The issue though, is after three years of living in this country, I am not yet able to understand how it runs, so I don’t know which side to support!

And… Again… Social Media proven its power!

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