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I am NOT a Famous Blogger

I am NOT a Famous Blogger

Hey everybody, I started to feel lonely here as I know that all of you are off now for Holidays, I wish you a really good one. I see that I should continue blogging as there might be someone like me still behind his laptop for a reason or another!

I am going to talk today about a very nice opportunity I had couple of days back when I met Andrew Aka BenSpark the nice guy from IZEA Insider, I am sure that so many of you know about IZEA Community, and in case this is new to you, IZEA is a social media marketing company and one of the world leaders in sponsored conversations. IZEA operate a network of over 300,000 social media publishers and 30,000 advertisers around the globe, you may like to check it out.

IZEA insider I am not a Famous Bloggers

BenSpark has a very nice and active IZEA Insiders Group called I am not a Famous Blogger, I will like you to have a look to my interview on I am not a Famous Blogger blog, that was funny because I had to take a picture with a sign said that I am not a Famous Bloggers, well I am not one .. yet! I also got the chance to interview BenSpark and invited him to join our Famous Bloggers Club, so.. Stay tuned, I will publish our awesome interview with him soon!

Watch this short nice video to know more about Andrew:

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